Akothee comes clean on strained relationship with her sister, explains rejection of wedding invite

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On Fri, 14 Oct, 2022 17:11 | 2 mins read

Controversial musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee has come out to address her frosty relationship with her baby sister Cebbie Koks Nyasego.

In a long post shared on her social media platforms, the flamboyant mother of five narrated how her relationship with her sister went south.

Akothee revealed that their strained relationship was occasioned by demeaning statements that Cebbie made on social media.

She further stated that when she was hospitalized, her sister accused her of faking sickness in a purported hunt for sympathy.

"When I got back to My senses,I found it difficult to accept it was a joke, well my sister has never visited me in any hospital, not in a bad way but she must have travelled or so I don't blame her,"

"I battled depression for over 6 months, I dint know what was eating me, then while in hospital I received information that my sister said I was pretending, this is what killed me completely," she said.

Akothee’s estranged sister defends her nomination by Jubilee party amid criticisms
Akothee with her sister Cebbie during good times before they fell out. PHOTO/Akothee/Facebook.

Akothee adds that being the bigger sister in her family also made life difficult for her as she got misused severally and non of her family members never cared about their struggling relationship with the sister.

"Again being the bigger sibling things were forced down my throat. I accepted being bigger until I was reduced to a doormat," she said.

Akothee further noted that she will not be attending Cebbie Kok's wedding in December due to their strained relationship.

"For this matter you won't see her on my functions or me in any of her functions, however, we remain blood sisters, we shall for sure meet in other family gatherings if they still feel I am part of them. But if this message has also damaged the relationship between me and the rest of the innocent family members we dragged into our relationship a lot, I will accept their decisions and the outcome of how this will end," she wrote.

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