Top detective throws Kinoti under the bus over affidavit linking Justice Sankale to Cohen murder

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On Fri, 14 Oct, 2022 14:52 | 2 mins read
Top detective throws Kinoti under the bus over affidavit linking Justice Sankale to Cohen murder
Former DCI boss George Kinoti. PHOTO/Courtesy

A top detective has thrown his former boss George Kinoti under the bus after revealing that he was compelled to lie and sign a damning affidavit implicating Court of Appeal Judge Justice Sankale ole Kantai in the gruesome murder of Dutch businessman Tob Cohen.

In a new twist, Senior Assistant Inspector General of Police John Gachomo, who is the Director Investigations Bureau at DCI headquarters, has filed an affidavit at a Milimani court claiming that Kinoti duped him into signing the explosive document to implicate the judge into the heinous murder of Cohen last year.

"I can confirm that the contents of the affidavit dated September 27, 2021, are neither based on facts nor documents from the file held by my office. The contents of the said affidavit are false and therefore retract, deny any knowledge and could not have been uttered by myself," Gachomo states in the affidavit filed at the High Court Constitutional and Human Rights Division in Milimani.

Kinoti exposed

The detective claims that he was given a one-page document by Kinoti and directed to sign with instructions that the affidavit was urgently needed by the office of the Attorney General for court filing.

"I complied with the directive by signing the one-page document on the understanding that the contents of the affidavit will be the official facts and documents held in the investigations file in respect of the matter," Gachomo states.

He says that on September 27 the Office of the Attorney General filed the affidavit and after seeing some of the contents in the media he requested his boss Kinoti to provide him with a copy of the same as he was shocked with some of the averments.

Upon receiving a copy of the affidavit, Gachomo says, he found out that the contents were false and decided to file the recent affidavit to entirely disassociate himself and disown the contents of the same.

The detective has also written a letter to the AG's office warning that he would reject any falsehood related to the case and would not accept to testify in the case as a witness.

In September last year, the former DCI boss, Kinoti, went full throttle in an affidavit sworn by Gachomo who sensationally revealed how Justice Sankale allegedly actively participated in the planning the murder of Cohen by helping her mistress Sarah Wairimu Kamotho -- Cohen's widow -- to cover up the murder.

The DCI said the judge held several secret meetings at different places and dates with Wairimu where they planned how to kill Cohen and cover up the murder.

The explosive testimony later stung the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji, who accused the senior DCI officer of disclosing crucial information to the public instead of his office.

The DPP claimed he was never informed of the new evidence, further stating that officer Gachomo was never part of Cohen’s murder investigating team.

Haji wondered why Gachomo leaked information on the murder case to the public instead of furnishing his office with the details.

Haji, essentially, admitted that the DCI got his office off-guard with Gachomo’s affidavit.

The DPP immediately urged the Inspector General of police to investigate the conduct of the DCI office including perjury and forward it to his office for further action.

Cohen was murdered in 2019 and his missing body was found in an underground tank at his home in Kitisuru, Spring Valley, Nairobi. His wife (Sarah) was charged with his murder.