Akothee softens stance, offers to help girls suffering in Middle East

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On Mon, 10 Oct, 2022 16:05 | 2 mins read
Akothee softens stance, offers to help girls suffering in Middle East
Akothee juxtaposed with Diana Chepkemoi. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Akothee has decided to do something about Kenyan women enslaved in the Middle East following a viral video of a woman breastfeeding dogs.

In the video, which has since gone viral, the woman disclosed that her employer had asked her to breastfeed the puppies after realizing she was a new mother.

The video attracted the ire of Central Organization Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli who called on the government to ban employment agencies taking women to the Middle East.

Akothee offered to help the women suffering in the Middle East while reacting to the viral video.

"Who are these who take our girls to countries with ho humanity, what did I just watch? A mother breastfeeding dogs? And left her own child back at home? We as a country need to go hard on this," Alothee wrote.

"Where Can we start? I think we first need to get hold of all the agencies sending girls to the Middle East, let them give us all the details of all the girls they have sent abroad. We want to video call them and talk to them from Kenya, we want to talk to their bosses and get to know if they are okay. We need contacts of each and every Kenyan woman in the Middle East . Can we start by tagging these agencies so we know where to start. I can't stand this pain as a mother," she added.

Akothee dismissed pleas for help

Akothee's decision to help enslaved women comes just a fortnight after she angrily lashed out at Kenyans seeking her help to assist their kin who are stuck in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries.

She ranted in a post on social media lamenting that she was not an elected leader yet people were seeking help from her.

Akothee stressed that she was not in a position to help anyone, directing those who need help to seek the relevant government officials.

“Kenyans please, I don’t hold any post in the government. Why are you tagging me along with the girls suffering in Saudi Arabia? What do you think I can do? You know you traumatise me with this thing. Stop it. I am not in charge of human rights, not even dog rights. Ujinga sitaki,” Akothee wrote.

"If you think I can represent you in government si munipe kazi kwanza ndio mnipe majukumu. I didn't build a brand for you to misuse me, you know the hierarchy of the government, and who is responsible for what. I don't know why you think I have solutions for you. Did you see me on any ballot boxes? Ever heard me speak about politics? Ever heard me address the government? Eeeh Wereuru koda. Atim gigena apidhgo nyikwa yunita. Mnikomeee Mnikomee. I will start charging that name AKOTHEE. ALA!" She added.

Trafficking syndicate

In September 2022, Akothee came out with all guns blazing after she was accused of being part of the trafficking syndicate shipping girls to the Middle East.

The mother of five angrily reacted to an allegation by a netizen who said that she was leading the trafficking syndicate sending girls to suffer in Saudi Arabia.

Akothee was accused of shipping girls to Saudi Arabia to suffer shortly after Diana Chepkemoi, who was stranded in the gulf country, returned home safely.

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