Woman finds ‘sinister photos’ in her house

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On Fri, 19 May, 2023 06:00 | < 1 min read
Woman finds ‘sinister photos’ in her house. PHOTO/Courtesy

A woman has discovered a secret room in her basement - and as if that wasn’t creepy enough, she then went on to uncover what’s inside it.

She explained how she found the room while carrying out renovation work, saying she didn’t know anything about it beforehand.

It was when she started removing old panelling that she broke through to the secret room. Taking to Reddit, she said: “I found a hidden room in the basement and things in the ceiling.

She went on to explain how her house was built in 1893 - and she bought it off a man with an interest in radio.

“The basement was a radio room. The previous owner had a fancy radio and talking to people all over the country,” she added. “We have a huge radio tower in the backyard.”

When searching the room and its ceiling, she discovered radio equipment, a vintage Schick Colonel electric razor, a Ridgid pin-up poster, and ‘creepy’ film negatives.

“We’re going to renovate the upstairs this year, no telling what we’ll find,” she added.

Commenting on her discovery, one user said: “What the hell.”

Another user added: “I can imagine some freak can pay well for all those items, they are good-shaped treasures.”

One more user added: “That’s awesome! Look for more rooms.”

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