‘Kwani babysitters si watu?’- Bernice Saroni reacts to trolls mocking Edday

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On Thu, 18 May, 2023 20:12 | 2 mins read
Edday Nderitu and Bernice Saroni
Edday Nderitu and Bernice Saroni. Photos/Instagram (@bernicesaroni)

Bernice Saroni came out to address trolls poking fun at Edday Nderitu while claiming that she went to the US to work as a babysitter.

The whole drama started when Bernice and Edday were spotted enjoying themselves at Times Square, New York.

Edday's dressing became a major talk on social media with critics saying that she went to the US to work as a babysitter for Bernice.

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The trolling rubbed Bernice the wrong way and she decided to come out to confront netizens poking fun at Edday.

She stressed babysitting is just a job like any other and that no one is supposed to look down on babysitters because they get paid well in the US.

Ati Edday amevaa kama babysitter wa mamake boys. Nataka kuuliza kwani babysitter si watu? Babysitter is just a normal person just like me. I can also do babysitting as long as I get paid. What matters the most is do I get paid. Haku-na kazi mtu hawezi fanya na hakuna kazi inafaa kudharauliwa. Pesa ikifika kwa bank hakunanga pesa ya daktari na ya babysitter,” Bernice ranted.

Bernice further claimed that some people are stuck in endless poverty because of speaking ill about others.

Wacheni kujilaani nyinyi wenyewe. Then inafika mahali unauliza Mungu kwa nini bado uko Korokocho umelalia floor, Mungu kwa nini hakubariki. Ni hii tabia yako, ni hii roho yako chafu na kudharau binadamu. Wacheni kudharau watu,” she added.

Bernice additionally wondered how women could afford to body-shame fellow women.

"Babysitter is just a woman like me. It does not define who she is as a woman ok? Taka taka wewe go look for your blessing and go repent Mungu akubariki. Women you are so busy body-shaming other women then you just block your blessing. If you are not a babysitter who has told you your child will not be a babysitter?" She said.

@mamakeboyzofficial Replying to @maureenmoo1 no job defines a woman we are all beautiful in the eyes of God #foryoupage #mamakeboyzofficial #usa🇺🇸 #fypシ゚viral #woman #nobodyshaming ♬ original sound - Mamakeboyzofficial

Edday and her three children left for the US in early May 2023 and were picked up by Bernice Saroni upon touching down in Boston, Massachusetts.

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