The day Chris Kirubi said Ugandan women are better than Kenyan women

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On September 21, 2020, the late Chris Kirubi who died on Monday aged 80 went public and talked about how he preferred Ugandan women to Kenyan women.

Appearing on Churchill Show, Kirubi who divorced his wife in 1991 said that Ugandan women are better compared to their Kenyan counterparts as they usually treat their husbands with respect and love.

While explaining that a good Kenyan woman can always support her husband to ensure that they make money, he said most Kenyan women only make noise and cause trouble.

“A Ugandan woman will come to untie my shoes when I come back, asking me of my day at work. They are very polite; you never fight with them. If you have never experienced it, you better go to Uganda and go with a one-way ticket, because you might never come back,” he said.

The business mogul further compared marriage to enslavement where the man must agree to everything the woman wants or go to jail.

“Marriage is enslavement. It is a permanent affair where you are jailed for life,” the tycoon said.

He went ahead to say that when one is married to a good woman it will always be a pleasure but on the contrary, said that some women are usually in a fighting mood as if they joined the army before changing mind and deciding to be married.

“It is by luck you get such a nice wife, but still, you have to be Jesus, lest you go to jail,” he joked.

Kirubi was amongst the richest people in Kenya and has maintained a lowkey life until his death when the family confirmed that he has been ailing.

Rest in Peace Chris!

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