Shabaab, police reservist killed in Mandera shootout

By KNA On Sun, 14 Jun, 2020 17:23 | < 1 min read
National Police Reservists on Sunday repulsed an Al-Shabaab attack on a telecommunications mast in Mandera County. PHOTO | FILE

Police in Mandera on Sunday morning gunned down an Al Shabaab gunman while several others were left with gunshot wounds in an intense fire exchange.

An unknown number of Al Shabaab gunmen are said to have attempted to destroy a Safaricom mast at Warankalla in Mandera when they were repulsed by National Police Reservists (NPR).

Mandera Police Commander Jeremiah Kosiom said the gunmen were readying to bring down the mast when 17 NPR officers engaged them in a shootout.

Mr. Kosiom said in the shootout, an NPR officer was also killed and several Shabaab sustained gunshot wounds.

He said the dead Shabaab’s body is in a government facility at Warankalla as fingerprints details are being taken by security agents to identify next of his next of kin.

The incident happened hours after suspected Shabaab raided a neighbouring village at Fino and defiled two minors.

The incident happened at the girls’ home as the unknown number of gunmen repeatedly defiled the two minors aged, 14 and 15.

Villagers said that they could not raise the alarm as the militiamen defiled the girls at gunpoint.

Adan Bulle, an eyewitness, said they were forced to follow the orders.

He urged the Government to beef up security in the area following numerous attacks on civilians.

Aminah Gedow said it was unfortunate security agents in the area did not respond to the incident swiftly.

The girls who were bleeding profusely at the Mandera county hospital are in a stable condition.

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