LIVE BLOG: Maraga’s no-holds-barred press briefing

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On Mon, 4 Nov, 2019 10:42 | 2 mins read
Chief Justice David Maraga. PHOTO | K24 TV
Chief Justice David Maraga. PHOTO | K24 TV

Maraga: I am appealing to the National Assembly to give us reasonable funds to operate. Other countries are given 2.5 percent of the budget. Give us only Sh5 billion and we will build courts. After this, you will hear the Judiciary cannot absorb the funds. We want the funds to be able to run our affairs without any problems.

Maraga: After this, you will see a flurry of attacks on the CJ. I don't answer to social media. If I did I would ask for that chopper you said was waiting for me as I swam at the Coast. If you want to do some stories, use some intelligence.

Maraga: I have heard some CSs were bragging that the CJ should be removed before his term ends.

Maraga: Kumbe hii nchi iko na wenyewe! I am not serving at the pleasure of any CS or PS.

Maraga: When I go to other countries, I am treated very well I wonder what happens in my own country. When officials of statures of the Chief Justice come to this country, I understand they are visitors of the State. Last year, we had five CJs, we requested the official protocol cars that transport such cars but they were not availed.

Maraga: Literally, I everyday I receive letters written by clerks working in the offices of the different PSs and CSs. I shred all those letters. I have been told that some PSs and CSs are bragging the CJ will be removed before the end of this year. Really! We serve at the pleasure of some people. Let me tell you, the CJ is here to stay.

Maraga: Cases are brought to us, we don't go looking for them. The people who are complaining out there, if you care to search, you will find that it is some PSs and CSs and their cronies who are behind the tenders. Even the President said some tenderpreneurs are in his office. These are the people who would like to cripple the Judiciary. I am being told these are the people I should talk to give me funds to run the Judiciary. Am I being given a favour. I will not go to anyone. They are even bragging that they want magistrates and judges vetted. That will not happen. It will only happen if it is countrywide. Let them start with other arms of Govt. We are tired of being their punching bags.

Maraga: I will now choose which State functions to attend as I'm always treated contemptuously like it happened during Mashujaa Day where my presence was not even acknowledged .

Maraga: During Mashujaa Day, I was allowed on to the stage through a side door. The MC did not even acknowledge my presence as he did that of others.

Maraga: The CJ has no Mercedes car, we were told its wastage yet the two Speakers of the National Assembly have them.

Maraga: Moving forward, Judiciary budget estimates will be taken to Parliament and not Treasury. We cannot continue begging for what belongs to us.

Maraga: Unless the budget cuts are reversed, we do not have money for fuel. We will not have mobile courts, we will not have the Court of Appeal circuits. We will not be able to pay for Wi-Fi for the e-filing and e-payments, plans to automate corruption courts will halt…”

Maraga: As the judiciary's budget is dwindling the work of the Judiciary is pilling up.

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