Kitale sex workers raise alarm over increased killings by people posing as clients

By Richard Sakah On Mon, 13 Sep, 2021 16:15 | 2 mins read
Kitale sex workers raise alarm over increased killings by people posing as clients.

Sex workers drawn from Kitale have raised concerns over rampant killings by people posing as clients and are now calling upon police officers to tighten security in the area.

Speaking at their base in Line moja streets, the prostitutes recounted a recent case of a twilight girl identified as Mary who was allegedly strangled to death by her client.

“She retired to her room with the said client after drinks but she delayed to wake up the next morning,” her close friend disclosed.

She further said that they tried calling her to no response prompting them to break into the room only to find her dead.

“We called the nightguard to help us break in and we were shocked to find her sleeping on her stomach stark naked with blood oozing from her mouth and ears and her neck was loose and could not support itself,” she added.

These workers who are in their mid-twenties are now forced to seek other ways to feed themselves citing harassment which leaves them nursing injuries.

“I better start a vegetable stall this work has become a nightmare to us. I remember being beaten up by my client after asking for more money since he surpassed the time and he resorted to slapping me and even accused me of stealing from him,” one of the workers alleged.

In another incident, one of the women narrated how she was left with a huge bill to pay after her client deserted her.

These women are now asking for their rights to be respected as other Kenyans.

Kitale municipality chief Charles Namunyu confirmed the killing saying they were following CCTV footage to nab the assailant and also tracking the deceased phone which the man took off with.

” we will soon catch up with him as the girl’s phone signal have been tracked,” he noted.

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