Foreign man with several fake passports and names who is accused of conning Kenyans millions finally arrested

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 17 Sep, 2021 19:03 | 2 mins read
Abdikadir Elmi Rooble being questioned by a detective. PHOTO/COURTESY

A foreign man identified as Abdikadir Elmi Rooble who has been conning unsuspecting Kenyans using fake documents has finally been arrested.

He was nabbed from his hideout in Eastleigh/Pangani area.

The arrest, which happened on Friday, September 17, 2021, comes a day after K24 TV aired a special investigative report that unmasked him.

Abdikadir, who has different names on several passports according to documents in our possession, has been accused of defrauding many Kenyans.

Our hawk-eyed investigative team discovered that Abdikadir has been operating in Kenya since 2012 with authorities turning a blind eye to his shady dealings.

At the Swedish immigration department, he is known as Abdikadir Elmi Rooble a holder of an alleged Swedish passport, and he is also in possession of an alleged Djiboutian passport registered under the same name.

Our investigations further place him as the holder of yet another alleged Somali passport while in other documents, he is identified as Abdoulkader Elmi Robleh.

Abdikadir also possesses a Kenyan identity card alleging that he was born in Isiolo but a quick check shows that his ID card number is missing in the Registrar of Persons’ system.

Despite being disowned by different embassies over his passports, no one seems to know exactly why this man was still able to travel in and out of the country.

It is also puzzling how he acquired a number of citizenship statuses including statelessness.

Despite all this, Abdikadir has allegedly been getting his way with fraudulently acquired documents with several conning accusations levelled against him.

In one instance, he is accused of defrauding Yassir Ahmed Askar of Ksh8 million by falsely pretending that he would incorporate him as a partner at Amoud High School, where he (Abdikadir) claims ownership.

Abdikadir is also accused of entering into an agreement to sell a property in Eastleigh then failed to transfer it to the buyer after receiving Ksh39 million.

He is also accused of conning one Zainab Muhamed Ksh1.5 million over 50% ownership of Amoud High School.

The list of fraud victims does not end there with one victim who asked to remain anonymous saying that he lost more than Ksh5 million after buying shares of properties linked to Abdikadir.

Those who have worked closely with Abdikadir, say he would travel outside Nairobi after receiving a large sum of money and upon his return, he would claim that he had travelled to Garissa County.

Abdikadir has allegedly been the owner of Daru Elmi Academy and Amoud High School in Eastleigh but records at the Ministry of Education reveal that registration certificates of the two schools are fake.

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