Muthoni wa Mukiri shares her two cents on ‘baby mamas’

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 17 Sep, 2021 18:08 | < 1 min read

Media personality Muthoni wa Mukiri is offering her take on 'baby mama situation' and she’s not holding back.

Muthoni who was speaking on her Youtube channel said being a baby mama is not a career noting that men forget their children.

"Becoming a baby mama is not a career. If you think you are trapping anyone with a child, the only person that you are trapping is yourself," she stated.

Further, the outspoken lady asked single mothers to avoid victim mentality and instead invest in skills and merit for employment.

"At most two, if they are more than those you will become the third and he will move on," she claimed.

She maintained ladies must only have children only when they are ready for motherhood emotionalyy and financially.

"I sympathise with you 100 per cent but don't ask for a job citing it as a reason. It is not a reason for an employer since they are looking to making returns and growing their profit margin," she noted.

Additionally, she cautioned women against dating men with more than two baby mamas saying in most cases, two of them are looking to being a happy family with the guy and you will always be considered as 'the other woman'