Ladies bew*re! 6 lies men tell to get into your pants

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On Sun, 11 Sep, 2022 11:59 | 3 mins read
A couple having a confrontation. PHOTO/Pexels

Have you ever been fooled by a man, and you could instantly point out his lies even without breaking a sweat?

Well, women need to be extra cautious when dealing with men because, if a man really wants a woman that he thinks he can't get easily, he usually comes up with various tales he may tell her to win her heart (or, more accurately, fool her into giving in to his wishes). 

If a guy approaches you, make sure to analyze him correctly to avoid falling for one of the following lies: the top six lies most men use to get into your trousers.

Have a look at the list below and you'll thank me later.

1. I adore kids and can't wait to have one of my own

Man will also lie about something as significant as children if he is truly desperate. What do women love more than babies, after all? He'll tell you that he loves children and that he wants to marry and start a family as soon as possible in an effort to impress you. 

In this manner, you'll consider him a potential partner and won't mind sharing a bed with him. One of the sneaky techniques males employ to enter a woman's pants is this one.

Couple using their laptops while having breakfast. PHOTO/Pexels
Couple using their laptops while having breakfast. PHOTO/Pexels

2. I'm single and ready to mingle

When a man wants to be in bed with you badly, he will do anything to fulfill that desire, including lying about his relationship status. There's a good possibility you'll turn away if he admits to having a girlfriend. 

Men frequently claim to be single while they are actually in a relationship, which is one of the regular lies they tell. 

Sometimes you just have to take his word for it, but if you spend the time to do some independent research, you might learn something that will make you lose interest in him.

3. I will not share with anyone

There are times when you like a person and want to hook up with him, but you have some concerns about his capacity to keep things private. 

Now, he'll want to erase your doubts because he's a wise man. He will make you a vow that he will keep your romance a secret, but he will actually boast about it to his buddies. He may blab to one person, but once he does, it won't be kept a secret for very long.

4. I earn big

Women who are drawn to wealthier men are frequently the target of this falsehood. A guy will take advantage of your weakness if he thinks you are easily dazzled by a big wallet and nice stuff.

He will tell lies about his employment, his income, and his line of work. He'll claim to make six figures or to have recently advanced in his career. He will say anything to make himself seem more marketable. 

Some women just succumb to this kind of deception because they met the wrong guy, not because they are drawn to wealth.

A man and a lady holding their drinks as they have a conversation. PHOTO/Pexels
A man and a lady holding their drinks as they have a conversation. PHOTO/Pexels

5. All I want is to cuddle

Women are known to like cuddling a great deal. They enjoy having a man's body crushed up against their own, and the majority of the time, they only do it for pleasure. 

Men don't typically snuggle for no reason, though. It's likely that a man wants to have sex with you while he cuddles with you. 

Ladies, always exercise caution. He might be romantic, but more often than not, he only uses cuddling as a pretext to enter your pants.

6. I love you and you’re just my type

Ladies, be careful when a man repeatedly compliments you. Of course, there are moments when they are sincere, but more often than not, they are just a ruse to get you into bed. 

He'll say anything he has to say if he thinks he needs to win you over before you'll kiss him or engage in sex with him. He will compliment you on how lovely you are and how "marriable" (if there is such a word) you are. 

He might even declare his love for you. If you're anywhere near a bed, you shouldn't always believe what he says.