Just like Rachel Ruto, pray for your husbands – Esther Musila advises married women

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On Sun, 11 Sep, 2022 12:20 | 2 mins read
Just like Rachel Ruto, pray for your husbands – Esther Musila tells married women
Images of incoming First lady Rachel Ruto and Esther Musila. PHOTO/Courtesy

Incoming First lady Rachel Ruto has continued to draw much admiration following her active role during President-elect William Ruto’s presidential campaigns.

Rachel who has been labelled a prayer warrior was often photographed on her knees praying and so much so, that her husband after clinching the country’s top seat noted that he had been prayed to victory.

This trait according to gospel singer Guardian Angel's wife Esther Musila is what she believes holds couples together.

Speaking in an interview, she urged married women to emulate Rachel Ruto and focus on praying for their husbands noting that this was one of her biggest lessons from Rachel Ruto.

At the same time, the 52-year-old vowed to borrow the culture for her family and her husband.

"I have learnt from mama Rachel Ruto that as wives, let's pray for our husbands. When we go down on our knees as wives to pray for our husbands, that is what holds them together. It holds the family and the nation. I'm so proud of her and I'm going to emulate her. I'll pray for my husband, go down my knees and pray for him every day," she said.

Esther Musila with her husband Guardian Angel. 
Esther Musila with her husband Guardian Angel.

Musila ain't the only one who has expressed her admiration for Rachel as recently, controversial personality Andrew Kibe urged women to emulate her for her composure.

Kibe, who termed Rachel as a noblewoman asked women to emulate her saying her well-filtered and minimal communication is critical in peacebuilding.

The content creator alluded that most women fail in their unions for much talk.

"Learn from Ruto's wife. She only talks when she is in church. Apart from the church, she doesn't talk," Kibe said.

Adding; "Some of you have broken up your marriages, your relationships because you couldn't stop yourselves from talking."