Otile Brown: I’d been forced to hide my real identity

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On Mon, 18 Jul, 2022 12:45 | 3 mins read
Otile Brown
Musician Otile Brown PHOTO/@otilebrown/Instagram

Musician Otile Brown, has for the first time, opened up on his real identity.

Speaking in a recent radio interview, the celebrated musician who commands over 1 million YouTube subscribers confirmed that he is indeed a Luo.

Otile Brown further explaining the idea of hiding his real identity from the public despite his popularity.

Why Otile Brown hid his identity

The musician explained that he dis not reveal his real identity in public because he did not want to be associated with a specific tribe.

He also jokingly noted that Luos are full of pride and can’t stop boasting over a famous person.

“I’m a Luo, I have a Luo blood but I used to hide that until it got to a point it became baseless… Luos are so proud, in this case they couldn’t stop saying I’m a Luo… My official names are Jacob Juma Obunga,” Otile Brown said.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown poses for a photo ahead of a performance PHOTO/@otilebrown/Instagram

Living in the Coastal region

Otile Brown further mentioned that being a Luo and born in the Coastal region, he was forced to hide his identity in order to avoid tribal conflicts.

He said he was more concerned with his talent which he says is greater than representing regions or communities.

“I hid my identity for a while because having been born to Luo parents but raised in the Swahili community, I didn’t want to be caught between tribal issues yet my talent is more important than representing regions or a tribe,” Otile Brown added.

Otile Brown
Kenyan singer Otile Brown PHOTO/@otilebrown/Instagram

Otile Brown on dating

During the same interview, Otile Brown explained why he is not dating at the moment.

He explained that with his success in the music industry, it is hard for him to differentiate between genuine and fake love.

This, he said, is among the reasons why he is yet to get into a new relationship.

“I’m single at the moment. Being in this position right now, you don’t know whoever you are meeting if they’re sincere or not. If I get a real person I would settle down,” Otile Brown said.

Otile Brown
Musician Otile Brown PHOTO/@otilebrown/Instagram

The singer was previously dating his Ethiopian ex-lover, Nabayet.

Taking to Instagram, Otile Brown confirmed that he parted ways with Nabayet, revealing that they decided to end the relationship in an amicable way.

According to him, the last time they were spotted together they were trying to figure out their issues and find a solution.

“Nabbi and I are not together anymore… The last time we were together was to try and figure out the way forward but we decided to go our separate ways unfortunately,” Otile Brown wrote in part.

He went on to add that he wishes her all the best as they move on with their lives separately.

“She’s an amazing person and for that I will always respect her, care for her and be cool with each other. Wishing her nothing but the best moving forward,” he added.

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