Kenyan musician Otile Brown and his Ethiopian ex girlfriend Nabayet. PHOTO/Otile Brown(@otilebrown)/Instagram
Otile Brown explains how he tri*d to win his Ethiopian ex-girlfriend back

By | 3 months ago

Kenyan musician Otile Brown has opened up about his efforts to reconcile with his Ethiopian ex-girlfriend, Nabayet. The ‘Alivyonipenda’ si...

Otile Brown
Otile Brown: I’d been forced to hide my real ident*ty

By | 2 years ago

Musician Otile Brown, has for the first time, opened up on his real ident*ty. Speaking in a recent radio interview, the celebrated musician who c*mman...

Otile Brown
Otile Brown: Why I’m not dating

By | 2 years ago

Celebrated singer Otile Brown has confirmed that he is not dating after breaking up with his Ethiopian ex-lover, Nabayet. In an interview with a local...

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