Noti Flow exposes abusive ex-boyfriend, comes out as gay

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 4 Jun, 2021 16:38 | 2 mins read

Singer Noti Flow took to Instagram on Friday, June 4 to expose her ex-boyfriend who allegedly assaulted her when they were dating.

This comes days after Noti Flow introduced her girlfriend to the world coming out as gay.

"Everything I ever wanted in him I found in her," she stated.

Noti noted that assault is a serious crime and urged people to stay woke and ensure abuse criminals faces law.

" I arrested him and he was crying like a baby. Behind bars is where such criminals belong. Assault is a serious case guys. Be woke. Don't throw your lives away. We have an ongoing court case and I will make sure justice is served," Noti wrote.

'Foto Moto' hit maker says although she pressed charges against him, the process was quite a hustle and she almost gave up.

" One more thing, I didn't have it easy arresting this guy. The police were asking for money left, right, and center to do their job, yet again saying I'll just get back in a relationship with the man that beat me and that's why they aren't bothered with making the arrest. They've seen so many such cases," she added.

Noti also symphathised with women facing gender based violence calling upon the government to protect women and act upon the fast rising vice.

"I can only imagine how many girls and women go through such domestic violence and have failed to get justice due to either lack of money or giving up. I'm calling upon the government, human rights and women rights activists to really do something about this! You need to protect your girls and women. I'm quite popular here and I have some cash but this happened to me, imagine a naive girl from the slums or a woman in the village! It's just so sad," she concluded.