‘Our relationship was for business’-Jovial denies dating W***y Paul

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On Thu, 1 Dec, 2022 16:52 | 2 mins read
Willy Paul and Jovial
Willy Paul and Jovial. PHOTO/(@Willy.Paul.msafi)Instagram

Singer Miriam Ayub popularly known as Jovial has denied being in a romantic relationship with her fellow musician Willy Paul.

In an Instagram story, the 'Kind of love' hitmaker clarified that the two were only friends and their alleged relationship was simply showbiz.

"Okay…I'm done! Poze is not my man! He is my friend, it was business and we benefitted from it! Now back to reality! I'm suffocating man! Nimeshindwa kuvumilia! Mungu nisaidie kwa yatakayo fwata!" she wrote.

Screenshot of Jovial's post. PHOTO/(@JovialKe)Instagram

The two musicians came out as lovers days before releasing a song amid clout-chasing claims for the purposes of promoting their project.

At the time, Jovial disclosed how she benefitted from her relationship with Willy Paul through an Instagram story.

Jovial noted that her social media engagements skyrocketed after her relationship with Willy Paul.

She also appeared to support clout-chasing, arguing that those who released projects without such gimmicks don’t get views.

Naingia YouTube nakutana ana so many good music na views ni 2k na hawana kiki kama mnavyosema mimi na fulani but still hamwatch ngoma zao," she wrote.

“My IG stories zilikua kama ya mtu anaanza mziki ila kuanzia juzi hadi IG wananitumia email pia wao wameshtuka maana interaction na profile view is blowing up,”

Additionally, the Kunguru hitmaker stated that she previously worked with notable musicians previously but she has never experienced such interactions on her socials.

“I’ve done hit collaborations na sijawahi pata interactions kama kuanzia juzi. Mpaka sasa wanaview wakijua kuna kitu kingine kitalipuka,” she added.

Willy woos Jovial

Sometime in August, Willy Paul shared a series of public messages in a desperate attempt to woo Jovial for a romantic relationship.

The singer made a post where he begged Jovial to consider his offer and agree to be his girlfriend, noting that given a chance, he will make her the happiest woman.

“Jovial atleast kuwa na utu. Sikatai watu wanasema mimi ni bwana mkunaji, I don't know why… in life lazima kila mtu anachoka na anaamua kutulia mimi hapa naomba nitulie na wewe," he stated.

“Nobody is perfect so we shouldn't judge someone based on his or her past.. Man is to error, but If you give me this chance then for sure I'll make you the happiest woman on the planet earth,”

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