Willy Paul

Willy Paul and Jovial
‘Our relationship was for business’-Jovial denies dating Willy Paul

By | 6 days ago

Singer Miriam Ayub popularly known as Jovial has denied being in a romantic relationship with her fellow musician Willy Paul. In an Instagram story, t...

Jovial: Dating Willy Paul has exposed my brand to new audiences

By | 2 months ago

Musician Juliet Miriam Ayub popularly known as Jovial has disclosed how she has benefited from her relationship with music Willy Paul. The two musicia...

Willy Paul and Jovial
Those two cannot last – Ringtone weighs in on Jovial-Willy Paul relationship

By | 2 months ago

Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone Apoko has disputed the relationship between Jovial and Willy paul. Speaking during an interview with a local Yo...

Viral video shows Willy Paul, Jovial getting cosy

By | 2 months ago

A video showing musicians Jovial and Willy Paul getting cosy has gone viral online sparking mixed reactions. The video emerged moments after Jovial, i...

Photo collage of singers Willy Paul and Bahati. PHOTO/Instagram
Willy Paul reacts to Bahati’s defeat in Mathare race

By | 4 months ago

Singer Willy Paul has reacted to Bahati’s defeat in Mathare parliamentary seat. The singer-cum-politician (Bahati) was vying on a Jubilee party tick...

‘Hio kitu si sabuni’ – Willy Paul begs sultry singer Jovial for one-night stand

By | 4 months ago

Willy Paul is still making romantic advances on singer Jovial even after she rudely dismissed him saying that he is not his type of man. The controver...

Artises who quit gospel for secular.
Kenyan artistes who ditched gospel music for secular music

By | 5 months ago

The Kenyan gospel industry is one that has been defined as one full of controversies, from artistes throwing shade at each other to publicized scandal...

Singer Willy Paul.
I am lonely – Willy Paul cries foul

By | 6 months ago

Singer Wilson Abubakar Radido also known as Willy Paul, is now crying foul that he is a lonely man. The controversial artiste however clarified that h...

This top musician is drooling over Amberay, but she’s taken

By | 9 months ago

Former gospel artiste Wi11y Paul (his first name is censored as it means male organ in slang) is trying to make a move on Amberay. ‘Lakini Amberay n...

Miss P reveals what can make her work with Willy Paul again

By | 10 months ago

After months of bitter fallout with Willy Paul, Miss P has maintained that she does not wish to reunite with her former boss at Saldido. Speaking duri...

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