28 countries that offer visas on arrival if you have Kenyan passport

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On Thu, 4 Aug, 2022 08:00 | 2 mins read
28 countries that offer visa on arrival if you have Kenyan passport
Old Kenyan passport and the current East African passport. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Kenyan nationals can just wake up, board a plane and fly to at least 28 countries which offer them visas upon arrival with the only major requirement - a passport.

115 countries have very stringent visa requirements for Kenyans, demanding that persons wishing to visit must schedule appointments and interviews at their embassies to obtain visas.

However, some countries have less strict visa requirements for Kenyan nationals allowing them visa-free visits, eVisa and visa on arrival.

2022 World Cup host Qatar is among countries that allow Kenyans to apply for visas online without the need of visiting their embassies and High Commissions.

Visa on arrival destinations for Kenyan passport holders

US visa hitch almost denied sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala a chance to compete in the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, US, after failing to receive his visa on time.

However, some countries are not as strict as the US, granting Kenyans visas when they touch down at their airports and other points of entry.

Visa on arrival is simply a visa that is granted when you arrive in a foreign country. It is issued to foreign nationals who need a visa to enter the country but does not require them to apply in advance of travel.

The visa on arrival is usually made available to travellers visiting for short-term visits. Government authorities generally examine the visitor's passport and may collect any applicable fees before issuing the documentation.

Below is a list of the countries that provide visas on arrival for Kenyan nationals:

1. Bolivia (Allowed stay 90 days).

2. Burkina Faso (Allowed stay 1 month).

3. Cambodia (Allowed stay 30 days).

4. Cape Verde (Allowed stay 90 days).

5. Comoros (Allowed stay 45 days).

6. Democratic Republic of the Congo (Allowed stay 7 days).

7. Guinea-Bissau (Allowed stay 90 days).

8. Iran (Allowed stay 30 days).

9. Jordan (Allowed stay 1 month).

10. Laos (Allowed stay 30 days).

11. Madagascar (Allowed stay 90 days).

12. Maldives (Allowed stay 30 days).

13. Mali (Allowed stay 90 days).

14. Mauritania (Allowed stay 30 days).

15. Mozambique (Allowed stay 30 days).

16. Nepal (Allowed stay up to 90 days).

17. Nigeria (Allowed stay 90 days).

18. Palau (Allowed stay 30 days).

19. Saint Lucia (Allowed stay 6 weeks).

20. Samoa (Allowed stay 60 days).

21. Seychelles (Allowed stay 3 months).

22. Sierra Leone (Allowed stay 1 month).

23. Somalia (Allowed stay 30 days).

24. South Sudan (Allowed stay 3 months).

25. Sudan (Allowed stay up to 30 days).

26. East Timor [Timor-Leste] (Allowed stay 30 days).

27. Togo (Allowed stay 7 days).

28. Tuvalu (Allowed stay 1 month).

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