Veteran KBC journalist Badi Muhsin is dead

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On Fri, 8 Oct, 2021 18:47 | < 1 min read
Veteran Kenya Broadcasting Corporation journalist Badi Muhsin: PHOTO/COURTESY

Veteran Kenya Broadcasting Corporation journalist Badi Muhsin is dead. The Swahili maestro passed over on Friday, October 8, 2021.

Muhsin is a legend and celebrated journalist who made his way back to KBC.

The legend anchor made his name in the broadcasting house to rise and be among the best Swahili news anchors the country has ever produced and lead a bulletin for retired President Daniel Arap Moi.

It is reported in 2020 the veteran TV anchor underwent surgery to remove stones in his kidney.

Muhsin was born in Kitui and was presented with the Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) award in 2011 by retired President Mwai Kibaki, for his long service in journalism.

He was also recognised as one of the best Swahili news anchors by the famed author Wallah Bin Wallah in 2010, in addition to being first runner-up for best Swahili translator award in KBC in 1993.

Muhsin retired a few years back but made a return to the national broadcasting soon after rebranding.

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