Otile Brown’s manager shuts down ‘clout chasing’ claims after losing over 190 million Youtube views

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 8 Oct, 2021 17:42 | < 1 min read

Otile Brown's manager Noriega has come out to dismiss 'clout chasing' claims after Otile's top songs were suspiciously removed from Youtube.

This saw him lose over 190 million views since the missing songs were among some of the most-watched music videos in Kenya.

Speaking with one, Mungai Eve, he claims that while the missing songs show that 'the video was removed by the uploader', he says there was another party involved.

"We don't need 'kiki' to sell music. We don't need clout to do numbers on Youtube. Good music sells, he stated.

He however said he could not give any further details since the matter needs to be addressed the 'right way'

"It was somebody who has access to the account and we know who he is only that we just want it done the right way. We want to make sure as soon as this is handled nobody will ever repeat it," he stated.

Among the missing songs is 'Aiyana', 'Such Kinda Love', 'Dusuma', 'Hi' and 'Chaguo la moyo' which featured songstress Sanaipei Tande.

Soon after the videos went missing it stirred up all sorts of claims across social media and an eventual response from Otile Brown who is currently in South Africa.

In a live session on Instagram, Otile clapped back at detractors dismissing the move as 'kiki'

Otile Brown is however not the only artist whose songs were deleted since singer Nadia's top songs- 'Wangu', 'Radio Love', 'Kolo' and 'Maombi' are missing as well as Nviiiri's 'Niko Sawa and Pombe Sigara' were also removed.