‘Ukinicheki nakaa niko na depression?’-Omosh refutes viral depression claims

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On Tue, 11 Oct, 2022 14:13 | 2 mins read
Actor Omosh. PHOTO/Courtesy

Kenyan actor Joseph Kinuthia Kamau alias Omosh has refuted claims that he is depressed.

In a short clip circulating across media platforms, the former Tahidi High actor stated that he was doing well contrary to the reports that he was disturbed.

He additionally urged Kenyans to stop believing in the reports noting that bloggers were chasing views with his name.

"Kuna story inatrend ati niko depressed, We ukinicheki nakaa niko na depression, mtu ako depressed utamjua mi siko"

This loosely translates to: "There is a trending story claiming that I am depressed. If you look at me, do I look like someone who is depressed?" he stated.

The popular actor further cautioned bloggers against 'fabricating' and revisiting stories to suit their agendas.

"It reaches a point bloggers just want to revisit my story to get views. Bloggers, please stop chasing views with my name," he cautioned.

The thespian further reiterated that he was not depressed clarifying that people mistook his sadness for depression.

He noted that he has been sad for a couple of weeks following the death of his two close neighbours and friends.

"I have been sad for a while now because I lost two of my close neighbours and friends. It was a double tragedy that made me sad," he stated.

"If something like that befalls you, you will be sad, but it is not depression," he added.

Omosh Kizangila. PHOTO/Courtesy

Omosh 'begs' again

The actor's sentiments came barely days after he hit the headlines again after narrating his recent tribulations.

Speaking to Mpasho at the time, the actor noted that he was facing a rough time and was feeling depressed.

He noted that he was stranded after his employer refused to pay him his salary.

“I’m just going through a lot, I don’t know if it’s depression or what’s happening in my life. Like now, I’m wondering how I’ll get to my house in Kayole. I was called for some jobs but it didn’t work so I’m stranded,” he said.

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