Omosh resurfaces with depression claims, narrates current tribulations

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On Sat, 8 Oct, 2022 16:28 | 2 mins read
Actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh PHOTO/(@kizangilamwenyewe)/Instagram

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia, alias Omosh has hit the headlines again after telling his recent tribulations.

The thespian first made headlines during the COVID-19 period when he highlighted his situation after losing his job.

Current situation

Now, speaking in a recent interview with Mpasho, Omosh noted that he has been facing a tough time and he feels depressed.

He said that he is currently stranded at a place where he was working after his employer refused to pay him.

Omosh said he is currently looking for means of getting back to his Kayole home, adding that he is at the verge of losing everything:

“I’m just going through a lot, I don’t know if it’s depression or what’s happening in my life. Like now, I’m wondering how I’ll get to my house in Kayole. I was called for some jobs but it didn’t work so I’m stranded,” he said.

Actor Omosh PHOTO/@kizangilamwenyewe/Instagram

Omosh begs for more financial support

Earlier, Omosh found himself on the receiving end after begging for more help from Kenyans.

In an interview with TV47, the actor said he revealed that he is still struggling as most people forgot him after the wave of sympathy.

He added that he did not receive most donations as alleged online, adding that those many who came through and pledged went silent on him.

“People pledged money that I have never received. I got less than a million which I used to settle my debts,” Omosh lamented.

Omosh gifted land

In February this year, Omosh was gifted land worth KSh 500,000.

The real estate company noted that it decided to gift the thespian something that would bring happiness to his life.

The staff from the company spent the whole day on Monday, February 15 with the actor and further handed over a land titled deed to him.

Omosh was one among those who created content for the company’s commercials as well as hosting some of their events.

“We decided to be part of the solution and presented our brother with a 40 by 80 plot in Malaa worth Ksh. 500,000 free of charge. Our mission is to help settle 1,000,000 families and we are glad to help Omosh start on his homeownership journey,” read the statement in part.

Actor Omosh and comedian Eric Omondi PHOTO/@kizangilamwenyewe/Instagram

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