Snake farming: How to apply with KWS

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On Sat, 18 Jun, 2022 20:21 | < 1 min read
Image used for illustration. PHOTO/Twitter(KWS)

One industry that's adding jobs? Snake farming.

Raising snakes and cultivating them for commercial purposes is a real business with growing demand; however, one needs a license.

Getting the license to keep the wild animal requires permission from KWS, and it comes at a fee after a due process outlined in the law.

Snake farming is often done for research, the collection of venom for medical purposes, and the creation of antivenom. Also, a snake farm can be a tourist attraction site.

The Kenya Wildlife Services is inviting interested snake farmers to send in their applications.

"Are you interested in Snake farming? Well, to do it, you need to acquire a license. Download the license application form for Authority to Operate Wildlife Utilization Enterprise using this link:…" KWS tweeted.

Here is how to apply

  • Download an 'Authority to Operate Wildlife Utilization Enterprise license application form'
  • Carefully fill in all the requirements.
  • Submit it to a KWS Licensing/Regulatory Affairs Office for examination.

If found eligible, KWS will issue the official license.

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