Famous lion of Mara Olobor still missing as KWS keeps mum

By | 18 hours ago

The famous lion of the Maasai Mara named Olobor is still missing weeks after reports that it was killed in the notorious Maji ya Fisi area towards the...

KWS denies reports Olobor Lion was killed in Maasai Mara

By | 2 weeks ago

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has denied reports that Olobor, a famous lion in the Kenyan wildlife ecosystem, has been killed. In a statement on Mo...

Young couple in hospital after lion attack in Isiolo. PHOTOs/Screengrabs by K24 Digital
Young couple in hospital after lion attack in Isiolo

By | 3 weeks ago

A young couple has been left nursing injuries at the hospital after a lion attack in Isiolo. Recounting the terrifying ordeal, Michael Apaiyu detailed...

Samburu: KWS swings into action after orphaned zebra is found suckling its mother’s carcass

By | 1 month ago

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rescued a Grevy’s zebra foal in Lengardae, Samburu County after its mother died shortly after birth. In a statement...

KWS officer Jimnah Somore Pertet
KWS officer charged with demanding bribe from victim of crocodile attack

By | 1 month ago

A Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officer has been charged with demanding a bribe from a victim of a crocodile attack to process compensation. The office...

Woman handed death sentence for murdering friend, cutting baby from her womb
High Court stops KWS from implementing new fees for Coast tourists again

By | 2 months ago

High Court at Malindi has once again issued another order of injunction to stop the implementation of the newly-proposed Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) ...

Narok: Residents demand arrest of KWS rangers over death of 30-year-old herder

By | 7 months ago

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers have been put on the spot over the death of a 30-year-old herder who was found in possession of four red cedar po...

KWS ordered to pay farmer Ksh180K after wildlife destroyed crops

By | 1 year ago

The Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has been ordered to pay a farmer Ksh180,000 compensation after wildlife destroyed her crops in Katakala location, Na...

Snake farming: How to apply with KWS

By | 2 years ago

One industry that’s adding jobs? Snake farming. Raising snakes and cultivating them for commercial purposes is a real business with growing dema...

Locals in Meru left in panic after spotting a 'lion' PHOTO/KWS
Lion-looking carrier bag sends Meru locals into panic mode, call KWS for help

By | 2 years ago

Kenya Wildlife Services(KWS) officers in Meru were concerned after they began to receive several phone calls from residents of the Kiangua location on...

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