Ruto, the ‘odd’ tweet on Raila and Kenyans’ skepticism on the post’s author

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 28 Dec, 2019 14:50 | 2 mins read
Raila Odinga says he is “unaware” of the existence of Deep State. [PHOTO | FILE]
Raila Odinga says he is “unaware” of the existence of Deep State. [PHOTO | FILE]
Raila Odinga says he is “unaware” of the existence of Deep State. [PHOTO | FILE]

A significant section of Kenyans on Twitter on Friday night found it hard to believe that Deputy President William Ruto authored a tweet attacking ODM leader Raila Odinga. The choice of words used in the tweet -- the online users said -- bordered on personal strife.

In his tweet -- which has now been termed as strange -- the DP attached a screenshot of an article by the Standard website titled: “Be patient with us, Raila pleads with Kenyans over BBI”

“Boss, the last time I checked, Kenya was the collective business of the 47 million of us. When did it become yours for the rest of us to be patient with you, as you decide what is good for us?! Yaani, sasa imefika hapo? Please, a little decency and respect is not much to ask of you, ndugu,” read the DP’s caption to the screenshot.

A section of Kenyans took issue with the language and tone used in Ruto’s tweet, with a significant section terming the choice of words as “un-DP like”.

The post attracted at least 1000 comments, 800 retweets and 3, 600 ‘like’ reactions.

Twitter user Papa Ngwasuma said: “When he [Raila] says ‘us’, he could imply the political class that includes you [Ruto! No need to pick a battle where it is not necessary, your excellency.”

@Julishwa said: “There is no way Dr. Ruto tweeted this. 'Boss'! Also, Bwana Raila spoke of ‘us’, as in ‘leaders’, which includes you [Ruto].”

Former radio presenter, Ciku Muiruri, said: “Who writes these tweets and do they run them by the DP first? 🤔”

@Nyigi_ said: “Hizi ni gani tena 🤣😂 Hata wewe pia imefika hapa pa kujibizana Twitter! Hii kitu haitaki makasiriko [Who authored this tweet? I am surprised that you, DP Ruto, have also resorted to settling political scores on Twitter. Politics shouldn’t be founded on anger.”

Philbert Aganyo said: “To [DP’s communications director] Emmanuel Talam or [digital strategist] Ole Itumbi, or whoever is running this account,.. Guys… Please be decent and professional. You're running the account of the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, not some disgruntled MCA somewhere in a remote setting. Civility. Political Tact. 🤔”

David Musyoka said: “This can’t be Dr. William ‘Hustler’ Ruto tweeting this! Lol 😂 Who could be running this account?”

Murithi Kiragu joked: “This is not Ruto’s handwriting, [Dennis] Itumbi is that you?”

Ben Kairu said: “You [Ruto] have always maintained newspapers are full of fake news, ama it’s only fake news when you are mentioned?”

Kigen Koech said: “Bwana DP... It is heading to midnight! Don't let Rt. Hon. @RailaOdinga be your bed and breakfast. Relax, sir.”

Makokha Alvin: “Hizi sio handwriting za Ruto bana! 😂. Kuna mtu amekanyaga waya ya password... The segments are full of emotions and feelings. Hebu ngojeni niongee na Murkomen ama Khalwale [This post doesn’t appear like one authored by DP Ruto. Somebody must have illegally accessed his password and written this tweet. The post is filled with anger. Let me inquire from [Ruto's close political allies] Murkomen or Khalwale who is behind the tweet.”

In the screen-shot article, Raila assured Kenyans that the BBI recommendations, if implemented, would resolve some of the sticky issues that have been dogging the country.

The BBI seeks to resolve a number of issues in Kenya, including electoral injustice, inclusivity, as well as provide guidelines of dealing with corruption.

Raila spoke on Christmas Day at ACK Nyamira church.