Police shoot dead crime suspect as two others seek refuge in church

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On Thu, 22 Dec, 2022 17:09 | < 1 min read
Crime scene. PHOTO/Pexel

Police officers in Mathare on Wednesday, December 21 shot dead a crime suspect after a chase that left two of his accomplices to escape to church.

The three-man gang had attacked a middle-aged woman before members of the public raised alarm.

"The thug who was part of a three-man gang that has been terrorizing residents in the larger Mathare, Pangani, and Huruma areas, had just attacked a woman who was walking home leaving her sprawled by the roadside, screaming for help.

"After taking away the victim’s mobile phone and other valuables, the three walked away casually towards Mlango Kubwa, as members of the public who had witnessed the daring attack raised alarm," police said in a statement.

Police shoot attacker

After being cornered, the thugs escaped towards Mathare’s Redeemed Gospel Church before one of them turned and attacked a police officer leading him to shoot him dead.

"Shocked by the sudden turn of events, the machete-wielding thugs scattered towards Mathare’s Redeemed Gospel Church.

"But as the determined officers gave chase closely behind, one of the thugs turned back and attacked the corporal leading the chase with a machete, missing his jugular vein by a whisker!

"In a swift rejoinder, the officer opened fire fatally wounding the suspect as his two accomplices dropped their machetes and took flight to the house of God while flying their arms high in surrender," police added.

Three machetes, daggers, two swords and other crude weapons used by the thugs to terrorize members of the public were recovered by the detectives.

Also recovered from the fallen thug was USD 100$ suspected to have been stolen from a victim of crime.

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