Police on the spot for sprinkling water on suspect, ordering him to roll in mud and forcing him to frogmarch as he pleads for forgiveness

By Bosco Marita On Sat, 29 May, 2021 21:12 | 2 mins read
Snips from the video of suspect being punished by police officers in Tanzania

Video footage of a suspect being inhumanely punished by Tanzanian police officers has emerged on social media.

In the footage accessed by K24 Digital, the suspect identified as Alex, is seen and heard being directed by a man believed to be a police officer to remove his belt, shoes and any other material that can be destroyed by water before being ordered to lie on the ground.

A water pipe is thereafter brought near him and one officer is heard instructing his colleague to start sprinkling water on his body as he lies on the ground.

In the course of the punishment, the suspect is heard pleading for forgiveness but one of the officers is heard saying he won’t pardon him given that the punishment he is facing is akin to forgiveness.

After his clothes are completely saturated with water, the suspect is directed to frogmarch five times in an adjacent field.

He appears unable to take the punishment and is directed to roll on the sand as an alternative punishment.

A basin of water is again ordered and yet again sprinkled on the ground as he is being directed to roll in the mud.

The police officer is heard constantly saying; ” Unadanganya serikali wewe (You are cheating the government)”.

According to the video, the suspect had impersonated anti-corruption officers while presenting a client to a government office that is yet to be clearly identified.

The client was seeking travel documents to fly to Turkey.

The suspect was supposed to face the punishment in 15 minutes but on the 10th minute, he is completely worn out.

Another bucket of water is brought and it is sprinkled on his body to remove the mud that his clothes had accumulated after rolling on the mud.

The suspect, after the whole ordeal, is heard begging for mercy saying he accepts his fault of lying to the officer.

He is further directed to stand somewhere within the area he was taking the punishment from to let his clothes lose some water before heading to the police offices.

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