Unatumia jina yangu ndo utrend- Embarambamba hits back at Ringtone

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 29 May, 2021 18:25 | 2 mins read
A collage of Ringtone and Kisii sensational Embarambamba. PHOTO: Courtesy

Sensational Kisii gospel artist Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma commonly known as Embarambamba has dismissed claims by his colleague Alex Apoko alias Ringtone that he is not a born-again christian.

Speaking to an online TV this week, Embaramba accused Ringtone of chasing clout using his name.

He further refuted claims by Ringtone that he comes from a family with a background in witchcraft.

"Kuna watu wanataka tuu mafollowers. Rintone anapayuka anataka watu wamfuate kama mimi. Nilimpigia nikamuambia my friend unataka kutumia jina yangu utrend (There are people chasing clouts using my name. I called Ringtone and told him that he was seeking more social media followers using my name)," he added.

"Ringtone anataka wafuasi. Nikama Eric Omondi aliona nikiimba nikipanda juu ya mti akaanza kufanya hivo apate followers (Ringtone just wants followers. He is like Eric Omondi who saw me dancing and dangling from the top of the tree and he began doing so to earn followers)," he added.

Embarambamba, however, stated that Ringtone is his close friend and he has in fact recorded a song at his studio.

His response comes after he came under sharp criticism from Ringtone who accused him of being keen on earning money rather than preaching the gospel.

The Fagia hitmaker in a video said Embarambamba has never been a christian.

“Embarambamba hajawahi kuwa msanii wa gospel, hajawahi okoka wala kupokea yesu kama mwokozi wa maisha yake (Embarambamba has never been a born-again Christian, he has never been saved or received Jesus as the saviour of his life). He is a businessman, not a gospel artist,” he said.

Ringtone's comments came after a video of Embarambamba dancing with a woman in a compromising situation went viral on social media.

Embarambamba, however, defended himself saying the context of the dance move mirrors the content of the song.

He said the song warns against sexual immorality and therefore his performance, in the raunchy video, was in tandem with the message.