Omosh surprised with shopping, money in Pastor Kanyari’s church

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On Mon, 23 May, 2022 14:05 | < 1 min read
Omosh. PHOTO/Courtesy

Omosh, the former Tahidi High star, is trending after a video of him being prayed for by Pastor Kanyari at his Salvation Healing Ministries Church went viral.

In the video, Omosh is seen getting overpowered by the "Holy Spirit" while being prayed for by the controversial pastor.

The ushers are then seen surrounding him as he falls down. Omosh then came forward and admitted to being a sinner seeking forgiveness from God.

"I have read about the altar and my things have not been working out well. I now think it is because my connection with God is not okay. When I leave this place, I will start praying constantly," he said.

Kanyari on his part said: "I did not want to pray for you. People pay tithe to be prayed for in my church but God has asked me to pay tithe for you and pray for you. I will bless you with some money. I will give you money for food and bless you with Kshh7, 000."

Omosh gifted with shopping

One of the congregants then walked to the pulpit with a shopping bag full of food items and handed it over to Omosh who thanked her saying, "oh my gosh! God, you're a true God. Thank you so much bishop. God works in miraculous ways."

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