Man in hot soup after 14-year-old girl agreed to marry him

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On Sat, 30 Oct, 2021 17:50 | 2 mins read
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A police vehicle. PHOTO/File.

A middle-aged man has found himself on the wrong books with the authority after he lured a school going girl to drop her studies and be his wife.

It is alleged the minor followed the man to his house after she was promised a good life in future and unknown to her was that the accused was taking advantage of her innocence for being new in town.

Fredrick Makhoha is alleged to have defiled the girl, 14, at his house within Westland's area in Nairobi county.

Makhoha was, charged for committing an indecent act by touching her inappropriately.

In a report to the police, the minor recently relocated in the city from the rural setting and that she was not familiar with the urban survival antics

Unaware of the dangers that were staring at her, the naive girl, took everything serious even if they were jokes.

On the fateful day, the minor was headed to school in the morning when she met with the accused person who was going home after a night shift work.

He then lured her into a relationship, promising a lasting union leading to marriage in the near future.

He is claimed to have told the minor that he really loved her, which made the innocent girl be excited to a point of saying ‘yes’ to a fake romantic relationship with the accused, who knew what he wanted from her.

Oblivious of the danger she was putting herself into, the minor agreed to drop out of school and accompanied the accused to his house while in school uniform, thinking that she had won herself a good husband.

The minor failed to attend school that day and went to be with the accused as his wife. She further failed to show up at her parent's home in the evening, in a move that saw her guardian search for her.

Acting on the leads from the sources, the guardian went to where the accused person was staying and found the minor in the house.

The minor revealed that she had been promised to be taken care of by the accused after she dropped out of school.

Authorities were immediately notified, and the accused was arrested for denying the girl her rights to education.

He was released by a city court on bond of Ksh300,000 after pleading not guilty pending mention on November.