‘Somebody close to me sold my c*r’ – former TV star Kimani Mbugua says as he appeals for help

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On Sun, 24 Sep, 2023 11:28 | 2 mins read
Kimani Mbugua's latest video raises concerns
Kimani Mbugua. PHOTO/Instagram(@iamkimanimbugua)

Former TV star Kimani Mbugua has opened up about his journey in illness and depression even as he appealed for help from well-wishers.

In a video posted online, Mbugua revealed that he had sunk into drugs until two months ago when he quit drugs.

"I fell ill in 2020. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and since then my life has fallen apart. I have lost so many things, I have lost so many friends on the journey. People got tired of me and I'm in a position where most people are not willing to help," he narrated.

"I got out of the hospital last week and I feel my mind has gotten back to normal and I don't want to go back to the place where I used to be. I am homeless. The people I was living with said they couldn't host me any longer so they told me to look for an alternative."

Mbugua says he is now looking for a business partner to finance his ideas, which entail working with creatives.

"All I need is a business partner who is serious, who will bring in money and have my ideas take off. I discovered that I could suffer in silence and be depressed and go back to drugs. I don't want to go back to drugs," he added.

He revealed that over the years, he has sunk into debt, which currently stands at Ksh1.7 million. Mbugua also says a person very close to him sold his car.

"I'm in so much debt... like Ksh1.7 million. Somebody very close to me sold my car. I haven't had a job in the last two years. I've just been wandering and being hosted by different people. But now I'm healing," he said.

Mbugua can be reached through email on [email protected].

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