Stress may be all the norm, but we can win

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On Tue, 14 May, 2024 08:00 | 2 mins read
Image used for representation. PHOTO.Pexels
Image used for representation. PHOTO.Pexels

There are various factors that lead to stress. Loss of a loved one can be, especially stressful and could lead to depression if not handled carefully. Loss of income, a broken marriage, rejection by friends, accidents, sickness, among other can lead to prolonged stress resulting into far reaching consequences.

More and more families are on the move, working hard to pay bills and to improve their standard of living. The effect of modernisation and capitalism is that work related stress is now becoming the norm. Targets are getting tougher and tougher as companies work their staff towards success and better revenue year by year. The sad thing is that all these factors are now taking a toll on the lives of workers and physical health as we know it is now under a threat.

When stress persists, fight or flight hormones are released and this not only brings fear and tension, but also affects blood pressure, blood sugar levels and can bring cardiovascular problems. Type two diabetes is closely linked with prolonged stress and trauma. Since most people don’t know how to handle stress, and are poor in honest expression of their feelings, these negative emotions get suppressed. In their attempt to look for an exit, they affect blood pressure and ultimately lead to secondary problems such as insulin resistance.

Prolonged stress and trauma are, therefore, more dangerous than the diseases and conditions they cause. Since demands for performance at work and in our schools is not going to reduce, it does help to mitigate this problem. One simple way is the practice of honest expression of feelings. Many stressed people lock out their loved ones as they erroneously think they are protecting them from hardship. Nothing could ever be far from truth. One major function of the family relationship is to lend a listening ear and to encourage and affirm.

Family members should, therefore, practice talking to each other and listening empathetically if we’re to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of trouble prolonged stress brings. Suppressed emotions turn into dangerous and poisonous thoughts that ultimately turn into sickness or disease. Listening and showing care can cure many such diseases and an encouraging and a validating word can help reduce the stress that tends to come with quest for better livelihood.

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