‘I’m ready to marry you’ – Vincent Mboya tells viral explicit content creator Alicia Kanini

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On Sun, 12 May, 2024 19:51 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of content creator Alicia Kanini and YouTuber Vincent Mboya. PHOTOs/@_its_aliciaa &Mboya/@vincent_mboyaa/Instagram
A photo collage of content creator Alicia Kanini and YouTuber Vincent Mboya. PHOTOs/@_its_aliciaa &Mboya/@vincent_mboyaa/Instagram

YouTuber Vincent Mboya has publicly expressed his desire to marry viral content creator Alicia Kanini.

In a five-minute Instagram video addressed to Kanini, Mboya conveyed his readiness to settle down with her whenever she feels prepared for marriage.

Mboya also encouraged the fast-rising content creator to keep doing what makes her 'happy' and disregard the backlash and criticism she gets about her content.

"This video I have made it for Alicia Kanini, Kenyans wamekutukana, wamekupiga vita and right now I know you are not in a good state," he stated.


"Just continue doing you, continue doing what makes you happy and ukifika time unataka kusettle, unataka bwana, Alicia nitafute. I am ready, I will be waiting for you, I am ready to become you husband."

Mboya confessed to facing difficulties in reaching Kanini directly and announced a cash prize of Ksh45,000 for anyone who can send him the number of the viral content creator.

"Nimejaribu kutafuta number ya Alicia Kanini nimeshindwa. Any Kenyan willing to give me her number, I will reward them Ksh45,000($350). Tell Kanini I love her so much," he added.

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Mboya's video has elicited reactions from his followers who made fun of his public declarations.

drokker_254: sasa umeanza chizi ...Rudi kenya kanyari akuombee wewe😂😂

heiskelvin: We mboooya wacha mambo wewe😂

official_eddy: 😂😂😂daaaaaaaaaaa

princessalaka: Inabidi tuambie government ya Canada 🇨🇦 tunataka watu wengine warudishwe kenya 🇰🇪

_ace_254: Wewe hutawezana hapo bro😂

Alicia Kanini

Alicia Kanini rose to online fame when a video of her went viral on X media, subsequently to other platforms like Telegram.

Formerly recognized for her popular TikTok dance videos, Kanini has transitioned to become one of the most talked about creators in the adult content industry.

Just months ago, the internet was abuzz with excitement when Chelsea Ndirangu, a 21-year-old OnlyFans model, proudly showed off her achievements.

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