Eric Omondi to fundraise for physically challenged girl to go to school

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On Sun, 12 May, 2024 15:22 | 2 mins read
Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi. PHOTO/@ericomondi/Instagram
Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi demands KFCB to issue a public apology to content creators within 14 days. PHOTO/@ericomondi/Instagram

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has initiated a fundraiser to support a physically challenged girl to go to school.

Taking to his Instagram page, Omondi reached out to his followers, urging them to join hands in assisting the girl's family to raise funds for essential needs such as a wheelchair and schooling expenses.

The comedian-turned-activist said the funds are meant to secure a wheelchair, cover school fees and assist with necessities for the girl.

Omondi said the family faces challenges due to her physical condition and her father's mental health struggle.

"This beautiful Princess needs to go to school tomorrow. Her Mother Roseline takes care of her. Her Father is Mentally Challenged. As a mother's day gift to this Mother who plays the role of a Father and Mother, we are going to buy this Girl a wheelchair Today... We will take her to school Tomorrow... We will pay her entire school fees and shopping. We will also leave the Mother with something to open a small business to feed her family. Team sisi kwa sisi lets bless this amazing mother. Send whatever you can to her on 0703286227 (name:roseline musebe).," Omondi stated.

Omondi helps graduate with no job

A month ago, Omondi extended a helping hand to a man named Alson Manyama, who had been showcasing numerous academic certificates online, in his quest for employment.

Omondi called for assistance in locating Manyama, urging people to either direct message his contact number or tag his page in the comments.

"I am looking for this man, Alson Manyama. We have secured almost 400 jobs and will begin distributing them soon I want him to be among the first beneficiaries. If you know him please DM his number or tag his page in the comments," Omondi stated.

Manyama, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, had aspirations of attaining a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) by 2025, as evident from his Facebook profile.

He emphasized the value of earning qualifications legitimately rather than resorting to purchasing them.

Additionally, Manyama had recently celebrated his graduation from Wits University in South Africa, proudly displaying his Master's Degree in Management - Digital Business on social media.

On April 7, Omondi took to social media to announce that he had over 400 job opportunities available for unemployed youths and expressed his desire to include Manyama among the initial beneficiaries.

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