‘The tone was nothing but sarcasm’ – Khalwale rubbishes Kuria’s apology

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On Thu, 21 Sep, 2023 13:03 | 2 mins read
Photo collage of Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale and Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria. PHOTO/X

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has dismissed Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria's apology over his remarks on fuel prices as mere sarcasm.

Speaking during his appearance for an interview on Thursday, September 21, 2023, the Senator declined to neither accept the apology nor respond to it saying he serves as an independent leader.

"I refuse to respond to Moses Kuria because I am an independent leader and cannot be remote-controlled. The tone of his apology was nothing but sarcasm. We were never elected to insult Kenyans or show them the middle finger," Khalwale stated.


"I have never read about where he went to school but assuming that he went to a good school like some of us then he was writing in English and every tone of that particular tweet is nothing but sarcasm. There was no apology there.

"I don't know who he was apologising to, if it includes me then until I read an apology from him is when I will make a decision whether to accept it or not."

According to Khalwale, Kuria displayed his arrogance with the remarks and ought to be called out.

"When you say "people like" that is the beginning of sarcasm. 'His master' is further sarcasm. We are not fortune tellers to know what will happen to the prices of oil when he tells people to go and drill oil well that is the kind of arrogance we will not keep quiet [about]. ...and I do not have to be advised by anybody for me to be unhappy with that kind of remarks."

For a few days after the fuel price hike, Moses Kuria was trending on social platforms following his remarks indicating that fuel prices would go higher and asked Kenyans complaining about the price of fuel to drill their own boreholes.

"How will camping on Twitter from morning to evening help you? I'm asking the youths not to be into that life, if you keep lamenting about the fuel prices why not drill your own borehole Crude oil has increased in prices worldwide," Kuria said on Saturday, September 16.

He was retaliating his previous statement he wrote on Friday, September 15: "Global Crude Prices are on an upward trajectory. For planning purposes expect pump prices to go up by Ksh 10 every month till February."

In a twist, he would later issue an apology but most have dismissed it as ridiculous.

This is what he said;

"Dear Kenyans, on Friday 15th September I made some comments indicating that the price of fuel is likely to go up in the coming months owing to global dynamics. I have since been advised by people like Dr Boni Khalwale and his master that the statement was incorrect, insensitive and arrogant. I am made to now understand that the price will come down. I apologise profusely since to err is human."

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