Most Kenyans want official Opposition Leader post created – TIFA

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On Thu, 21 Sep, 2023 13:26 | 2 mins read
Most Kenyans want official Opposition Leader post created – TIFA
Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga addressing a road side rally during a past rally. PHOTO/Raila Odinga(@RailaOdinga)/X

A proposal to reintroduce the position of official leader of opposition has the support of a majority of Kenyans, a new survey shows.

The opinion poll results released by TIFA Research on Thursday, September 21, show that 62 per cent of the respondents strongly support or somewhat support the proposal with 26 per cent strongly or somewhat opposing it. 13 per cent of those polled neither oppose nor support the bid.

"Both among all Kenyans and across the political divide, there is more positive than negative opinion about the creation of the position of Leader of the Official Opposition, even if it is far from unanimous," TIFA said.

"Notable here is the only marginal contrast of these views between Government and Opposition supporters, with almost the same proportion of both either strongly or somewhat supporting this proposal (67% among the former vs. 70% among the latter)."

Further 48 per cent of those polled think entrenching the office into the constitution would make the opposition weaker, while 36 per cent of the respondents think otherwise. 16 per cent believe the changes would not make much difference.

"Among all Kenyans and among supporters of both coalitions, more believe the creation of this Official Leader of the Opposition position would make the Opposition weaker, assuming Raila Odinga would agree to occupy it (and if he would not, would any other Opposition leader do so?)," TIFA added.

The proposal to create the office of the official leader of the opposition is among issues being discussed by the National Dialogue committee.

The committee was established in August with a view of ending the standoff between the Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya coalition and the Kenya Kwanza administration touching on, among others, electoral injustices and rising cost of living.

President William Ruto's administration has already proposed an amendment to the current law to ostensibly make the opposition more vibrant.

If the proposal sails through Parliament, the holder of the office will have staff duly paid and facilitated by taxpayers.

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