24-year-old woman sues businessman Jimnah Mbaru for ‘neglecting his son’, wants Ksh4.4M annual child upkeep

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On Mon, 17 Oct, 2022 14:49 | 2 mins read
Jimnah Mbaru. PHOTO/Courtesy
Jimnah Mbaru. PHOTO/Courtesy

A 24-year-old woman has sued business Mogul Jimnah Mbaru seeking over Ksh4.4 million per year child support.

The woman who claims to have sired a child with Mbaru in 2018, is seeking the said monies claiming that the wealthy businessman has neglected his parental responsibility for the said minor.

Through lawyer Suyianka Lempaa, she alleges that Mbaru donated his parental responsibility to one Erick Murimi Kaburu through a power of attorney, thereby, treating the minor as a ‘property of chattel goods.’

It is her case that on or about September 1, 2020, the business Mogul gave power of attorney to the said Kaburu to be a "putative father" to the minor, terms of which are not known in any law.

“The said Memorandum of Understanding dated 10th September 2020, the "putative father" was required to pay Ksh50,000 per month, which amount has not been remitted for the maintenance of the minor,” she claims in court documents.

In the suit papers, she is seeking Ksh320,000 monthly and Ksh600,000 per year for school fees.

She wants the court to issue a maintenance order requiring Mbaru to pay for the minor's school fees and education related expenses, medical cover, shelter, and food.

In the monthly expenses, she is seeking Ksh50,000 for food, Ksh50,000 medical expenses, Ksh50,000 for clothes, Ksh100,000 for shopping, Ksh20,000 miscellaneous expenses and Ksh50,000 for house help.

She accuses Mbaru of neglecting the minor, by giving a stranger power of attorney to take care of mental, physical, and emotional well-being while he is the biological father.

“Mbaru is a senior citizen, a prominent businessman who owns businesses worth billions of shillings including banking and control of Nairobi Security Exchange and therefore capable of supporting the child without any difficulties,” court documents read.

She says Mbaru has refused to have his name indicated in the birth certificate of the minor therefore denying the child the benefit of a biological father.

She wants an order compelling Mbaru’s name to be included in the birth certificate of the minor as his biological father.

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