Father and son on the run after ‘disciplining’ kin to death in Muranga

By Wangari Njuguna On Sun, 23 Feb, 2020 16:07 | 2 mins read
Father kills son
Residents mill at the scene where a 28-year-old man died after suffering beatings from his father and brother in Muranga County. PHOTO | WANJIRU NJUGUNA | K24 DIGITAL

A father and son from Nyakiura village in Gaturi, Murang’a County have gone into hiding after allegedly killing one of their family members on Sunday morning

Elius Kamau, a retired Anglican evangelist, is said to have colluded with his son Lawrence Maina in committing the murder.

The two are said to have beaten to death Francis Karaya, 28.

According to Denis Kamau, a nephew of the deceased, Kamau and Maina called Karaya from his house and took him to a farm where they tied him to a tree.

The duo said they wanted to discipline him for allegedly misusing the family’s resources.

“The father said Karaya has been selling items from their home and using the money to buy alcohol,” said the victim’s nephew.

The nephew said his uncle pleaded for mercy but his prayers fell on deaf ears as his father and brother beat him up with thick sticks.

“They left him tied to the tree but the father came to untie him leaving him lying on the ground,” said Kamau.

“I tried approaching Karaya to help him out but I was told to keep off as he was being punished for misconduct,” he added.

From a distance, Kamau said he noticed that his uncle had stopped making movements and he called out for help.

“His father came in first and on realizing his son was dead, he looked confused and ran away together with his other son,” he said.

Elias Ngariiyo, one of the neighbours, said he was attracted by the wails and when he went to the scene, he saw the two beating the man ruthlessly.

“I could not stand the scene and I tried to stop them but they maintained on beating him,” he said.

Police have taken up the matter and are hunting down the suspects.

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