Disability is not a choice – Wanyonyi tells Havi for ‘ridiculing’ him

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On Sun, 29 May, 2022 18:36 | < 1 min read
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Tim Wanyonyi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Westlands Member of Parliament Tim Wanyonyi has told off Nelson Havi for 'ridiculing' because he is disabled.

Wanyonyi said it was wrong for Havi to talk bad about him because he is "abled differently".

"My brother Nelson Havi Disability is not a choice. It is a shame to ridicule us who are abled differently. We deserve respect Counsel," Wanyonyi wrote on his Facebook page.

Former LSK President Nelson Havi. PHOTO/COURTESY

Wanyonyi responds to Havi

The MP was responding to Havi who accused him of hiring goons to disrupt his (Havi's) rallies.

"Hooliganism has defined Wanyonyi's tenure as Westlands' MP for the past 10 years.

"It is disappointing for somebody suffering from a disability to rely on goons to curtail the freedom of expression and the right to associate with other people," Havi said.

Havi is seeking the Westlands MP seat on a United Democratic Alliance ticket.

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