Man ditches toilet roll and uses leaves instead

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On Tue, 16 May, 2023 07:00 | < 1 min read
Man ditches toilet roll and uses leaves instead
Man ditches toilet roll and uses leaves instead

After making a swap from conventional toilet roll to a plant, Robin Greenfield is trying to encourage other people to grow their own toilet paper alternative to help the environment.

No matter how environmentally friendly you are, there are some home comforts that many of us simply couldn’t give up, including trusty toilet roll. But one green-fingered man says he’s saved himself thousands of pounds by not buying loo roll for a whole decade - opting for plant leaf instead.

Sustainability advocate Robin Greenfield, 36, quit using shop-bought tissue in 2013, deciding to use leftover napkins and tissues to try and be more eco-conscious. But then he realised the leaf of a blue spur flower was the perfect size and texture for wiping with, and he’s used that ever since. Robin from Asheville, North Carolina, estimates he has saved a significant sum after making the switch, and is encouraging others to abandon conventional toilet rolls to help save the planet.

He said: “Consumption of toilet paper fuels deforestation and massive usage of fossil fuels in transportation, so the message to grow our own at home and find alternatives to consumerism has never been more relevant.”

Robin discovered the blue spur flower - which is native to Africa and South Asia - five years ago. He says each leaf is the size of a piece of toilet paper, and its soft texture makes it a viable alternative.

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