‘I thought I’d marry rich man but it wasn’t that easy’ – Zari

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On Tue, 23 Jan, 2024 19:34 | 2 mins read
Zari Hassan and her husband Shakib Cham. PHOTO/(@zarithebosslady) Instagram
Zari Hassan and her husband Shakib Cham. PHOTO/(@zarithebosslady) Instagram

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has recently revealed that as a child, she always thought she would marry a rich man and live lavishly.

Speaking to BBC Swahili, the South African-based reality TV star said she saw herself wearing Satin gold and living large.

However, as she grew older, she quickly realized that achieving such a lifestyle was more challenging than she had initially thought.

Zari, who is married to Shakib Cham, said she had to work hard to realise the lavish life she had envisioned for herself as a young girl.

"I used to think I would get married to a rich man, and wear gold, but I said it is not easy. When I realized I wanted a good life, I got the motivation to say I don't come from a rich family, but it was my responsibility," Zari expressed.

"I said I wanted a good life, and that has been my motivation in life to say I want a good life," she added.


Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham Lutaaya celebrated their union in a vibrant white wedding on October 3, 2023.

The couple's journey to matrimony began with a modest Muslim ceremony in April 2023, hosted in the intimacy of a home.

Zari and Shakib reaffirmed their commitment to a more elaborate and colourful white wedding ceremony.

Among the distinguished guests gracing the occasion was Fantana, the Ghanaian musician, who had a romantic history with Zari's former partner, Diamond Platnumz.

The ceremony went down in South Africa.

Age difference

The socialite and Shakib's age difference attracted a lot of social media critics with many judging Zari for going for a Ben 10.

The socialite came out guns blazing and shut the critics noting that Shakib was old enough to date her.

"Shakib is not a child. He is old enough to have an affair with me. I am 42 years and he is 30, what's the problem with that?" Zari said in a past interview.

"I have seen men who go into marriage with underage women and they are left to move freely, so get a life. I am not committing any crime," she added.

The mother of five has proven the social media trolls wrong as their relationship has flourished. The two keep serving the couple's goals on social media.