Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz holding hands. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24 Digital
‘Simtaki Diamond, Zuchu amekua akiondoka kila wiki, wana m**atizo yao’ – Zari

By | 3 months ago

Ugandan socialite Zari Ha*san has addressed on-air rumors that her relationship with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz is the cause of his breakup with ...

‘I’ve been deleting Shakib’s photos since November’ – Zari admits her marriage has been on the rocks for months

By | 3 months ago

Zari Ha*san has deni*d claims that the video of Diamond Platnumz and her holding hands is the root cause of her marriage to Shakib Cham Lutaaya hittin...

Diamond Platnumz begging his ex Zuchu for forgiveness. PHOTOs/Screengrabs by K24 Digital
Diamond goes on his knees, begs Zuchu for forgiveness

By | 3 months ago

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz has made a plea for forgiveness to his lover, Zuchu, just a day after she announced the end of their relationship...

‘It seems you don’t know me’ – Zari reacts to viral video of Diamond and her holding hands

By | 3 months ago

Zari Ha*san has addressed speculations about her marriage to Shakib Cham Lutaaya hitting rock bottom after a video of her and Diamond holding hands we...

Diamond admires Zari’s beauty, admits her husband is a good lover

By | 4 months ago

Diamond Platlumz couldn’t keep calm after he was slept off his feet by his baby mama Zari Ha*san’s glowing beauty. The B**go singer was qu...

Zari Hassan and her husband Shakib Cham. PHOTO/(@zarithebosslady) Instagram
‘I thought I’d marry rich man but it wasn’t that easy’ – Zari

By | 4 months ago

Ugandan socialite Zari Ha*san has recently revealed that as a child, she always thought she would marry a rich man and live lavishly. Speaking to BBC ...

A photo collage of Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto and singer Diamond Platnumz. PHOTOs/Hamisa & Diamond(@hamisamobetto & @diamondplatnumz)/Instagram
Hamisa Mobetto reveals Diamond took her to court over son’s custody

By | 6 months ago

Tanzanian socialite and entrepreneur Hamisa Mobetto has recently disclosed that her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz took her to court over their son, Dyla...

Zari, Shakib working tow*rds having baby together despite age factor

By | 7 months ago

43-year-old Zari Ha*san isn’t done having babies yet even though her biological clock is fast ticking. The mother of five opened up about her pl...

Zari explains why Diamond demanded to meet her husband Shakib

By | 7 months ago

Zari Ha*san about two weeks ago caused a stir when she shared a video of her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz and her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya bonding. ...

UK show promoter Lady Naa and Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan. PHOTO/Lady Naa &Zari Hassan(@ladynaa & @zarithebosslady)Instagram
Angry UK promoter slams Zari over failed show

By | 11 months ago

An angry UK-based show promoter has slammed Zari Ha*san for failing to turn up for her annual White Party which was scheduled to go down at Birmingham...

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