Nigerian hair vendor explains why she refused to give Vera Sidika Ksh226k wig for free

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On Tue, 29 Nov, 2022 11:51 | 3 mins read
Nigerian hair vendor explains why she refused to give Vera Sidika Ksh226k wig for free
Vera Sidika juxtaposed with an expensive wig. PHOTOS/Courtesy.

Vera Sidika begged a Nigerian hair vendor for a free Ksh226,000 wig in exchange for free exposure while filming The Real Housewives of Nairobi.

The Naija hair vendor, who goes by the name ChiemeRoyals on Instagram, took to the social media platform and posted screenshots of her conversation with Vera.

According to a screenshot shared by ChiemeRoyals on her InstaStories, Vera wanted to pay for the wig with free publicity while shooting the Real Housewives of Nairobi.

Babe you need to send me units, I’m currently filming the Real Housewives of Nairobi. If I rock your hair and do marketing when show goes viral you’ll get good market in Kenya,” Vera wrote.

"Let me know," she added.

The Nigerian hair vendor responded to Vera's message informing her the wig was not for free.

"Cost $1,849 (Ksh226,613) unit name: Butterly unit," ChiemeRoyals wrote.

Vera responded by telling the Nigerian businesswoman that she 'misunderstood' her offer.

“You misunderstood my statement but thank you for the reply," Vera wrote.

Real brand supporter buys

ChiemeRoyals explained in a series of posts on social media why she refused to give Vera Sidika the expensive wig for free.

She lamented that customers like Vera Sidika who want her products for free usually run to other sellers once they get what they want.

"Dey jump on you today, tomorrow next related brand. My business is very small one, we can’t be sharing wigs now, thnkiu!" ChiemeRoyals wrote.

She further insisted that a real customer who wants to support her business buys from her and pays.

"A real brand supporter buys your product! I mean they pay for it to support your brand! They will never want to take advantage of you no matter what! That’s real integrity,” she added.

The Nigerian businesswoman further noted that she does not get carried away by the so-called celebrities and the number of followers they have.

"So all my customers that spend on their hair are stupid? Haaaa ohhhhh!!! I don't really get carried away by number of followers you have as an influencer."

Taste for finer things

The revelation by the Nigerian businesswoman comes as a shock to many because Vera Sidika has over the years created the impression that she pays an insane sum of money to buy simple things like the bed she allegedly bought for Ksh1 million.

Vera sent the internet into a frenzy in October 2013 when she stepped out wearing a weave that she claimed cost her a staggering Ksh450,000.

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