PHOTOS: Ksh1M bed and 4 other simple items Vera Sidika ‘wasted’ money buying at unreasonable prices

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Photos of Ksh1M bed and 4 other simple items Vera Sidika 'wasted' money buying at unreasonable prices
Vera Sidika. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

Vera Sidika is filthy rich, her lavish lifestyle speaks volumes of the wealth she has accumulated since 2012 when kissed poverty goodbye.

The bootyful socialite shot to fame in 2012 when she was featured as the main video vixen in P-Unit’s single 'You Guy' music video.

She became the most sought-after socialite in Kenya following her debut in limelight.

By 2013, Vera had accumulated millions which she used to fund her lavish lifestyle. Currently, she is only among a handful of Kenyan celebrities who reportedly have a net worth of over Ksh100 million.

The socialite prefers the finer things in life and as such, she blows millions of shillings buying simple things at exorbitant prices - like the Ksh1 million bed she imported into the country. 

Below is the list of 'simple' items that Vera bought at inflated prices: 

Ksh450,000 weave

Vera Sidika shows off her weave. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

Vera Sidika sent the internet into a frenzy in October 2013 when she stepped out wearing a weave that she said cost her a staggering Ksh450,000.

The socialite claimed that her weaves were not Brazilian, Indian or Peruvian which is why they were so pricey.

Ksh1 million bed

Vera Sidika’s expensive bed. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

Vera Sidika caused a buzz when she bought herself a Ksh1 million bed. 

The bootyful socialite stunned her fans on March 23, 2015, when she took to social media to show off her expensive bed.

Vera posted a luxury bed on her Instagram page which she said she bought for $11,500 or Ksh1,046,500 as per the 2015 dollar/shilling exchange rate.

“My motto; To simply wake up every morning a better person than when I went to bed. My Girls still can’t get over the fact that I got this bed for 11,500$. Oh well, they don’t understand the feeling,” she wrote.

Ksh600,000 Chanel bag

Vera Sidika juxtaposed with her expensive Chanel bag. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

Vera Sidika bought a designer Chanel bag that cost her a whopping Ksh600,000.

The socialite acquired the expensive bag in 2017 when she went on a shopping spree in London, United Kingdom.

The pricey bag was the subject of discussion recently in May 2022 when Vera posted it on social media as she reminisced about spending Ksh600,000 to buy it. 

"My Chanel bag is 4 years old. Looks good as new. The benefits of buying original designer bags. It costs Ksh600,000 but is worth every penny," Vera Sidika wrote.

Critics however poured cold water on the socialite's claim that she spent a whopping Ksh600,000 just on a bag. Many suggested that the mother of one was only chasing clout.

Vera Sidika was forced to share photographic and video evidence of her shopping spree to prove she actually spent the amount on the designer bag.

Ksh200,000 Gucci belt

Vera Sidika rocking her expensive Gucii belt. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

Vera Sidika in January 2022 faced off with critics who blasted her for wearing the same belt over and over.

The vexed socialite stressed that she spent Ksh200,000 on her belt and as such she would wear it until 'Jesus comes back’.

“I spent 200k on that Gucci belt. Nitarudia till Jesus returns!!!” Vera Sidika angrily slammed her critics.

Vera Sidika slams critic to dissed Gucci belt. PHOTO/Vera Sidika (@queenveebosset)/Instagram.

Ksh300,000 bed

Vera Sidika's daughter Asia Brown. PHOTO/Asia Brown (@princess_asiabrown)/Instagram.

Vera Sidika on March 9, 2022, caused a stir on social media after she announced that she had imported a Ksh300,000 bed for her daughter Asia Brown.

The socialite wanted her daughter to sleep on her own bed as she was turning 6 months. She gave birth to baby Asia on October 20, 2021. 

The mother of one revealed she imported the Ksh300,000 bed for her daughter from the United Kingdom (UK).

“Can’t wait to unveil Asia’s nursery. At 6 months magical. Damn. Girl be sleeping on a bed worth Ksh300,000 from UK. How I wish I had this life as a newborn. Kweli it’s true, we work hard to give our kids what we never had. Aki God bless all mothers doing the best for their babies,” Vera Sidika wrote.

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