‘Una kichwa yai stupid fish’ – Drama as Rayvanny, Harmonize savagely insult each other

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'Una kichwa yai stupid fish' - Drama as Rayvanny, Harmonize savagely insult each other
Rayvanny and Harmonize during good times. PHOTO/Courtesy

Rayvanny and Harmonize have reignited their intense hatred for each other which started way back in 2021.

Harmonize rattled Rayvanny when he took a subliminal shot at him, telling 'artistes' to go slow on singing about alcohol in their songs.

"Wasani punguzeni nyimbo za pombe!!! Msidhani hii nchi kila mtu ni mlevi. Hata tunaokunywanga juma 3 hatukunywi tukizisikia nyimbo za pombe kama unatonesha kidonda!!! Hasa hasa January hiii," Harmonize wrote.

Rayvanny was quick to hit back at Harmonize. He dismissed him saying that Konde Boy was only jealous because his songs about alcohol have never been a hit.

"Huna ngoma ya pombe iliowahi ku hit sasa utaongea nini kuhusu mawe ya pombe. Shut the f***k up. #Nitaongeza video soon," Rayvanny hit back at Harmonize.

"Bangi mbili unajiona 2 pack. Kaa mbali na #Chui," Rayvanny added.

Harmonize took offence at Rayvanny's brutal response to his subtle attack.

Konde Boy reminded Vanny Boy that he leaked photos of his manhood so that he could commit suicide, noting that he came out strong after the 2021 incident.

Harmonize further mocked Raynanny claiming he had accomplished more than him, suggesting that Vanny Boy had to settle for less dating Paula while he was dating her mother Frida Kajala Masanja.

"Why you hate on me so bad!!!! Bro you made everyone to seem my big d** ulitaka nijiuwe and am still here usinichukie wenda Mungu ananweka kwa ajili yako uendele kuwa inspired come to my house I will show you how to get money to pay your label so you can get really out label and stop kissing Asakes a**. If you still under label don't talk to me Im so far away from you lol. You can even tell when I date big mama you always go for daughter lol. @ibraag_tz usijibu mlevu mpya," Harmonize wrote.

Rayvanny equally hit back at Harmonize with a more savage response.

He poked fun at Harmonize's troubled label Konde Music Worldwide, sarcastically asking where their offices are located.

Rayvanny further asserted that he was more successful than Harmonize musically and financially.

He also noted that Harmonize had to keep insulting Diamond Platnumz in order to remain relevant.

Rayvanny also revealed that he paid a whopping Tsh1.3 billion/Ksh68.9 million to terminate his contract with Wasafi and was not making a fuss about it, while Harmonize only paid Tsh600 million/Ksh31.8 million to end his contract with WCB and bitterly complained about it in media interviews.

"You paid Wasafi 600M umelia kwenye media zote mzee… In case you don't know I paid Wasafi 1.3 BILLION," Rayvanny wrote in part.

Rayvanny also claimed that Harmonize wanted him to be jailed for 30 years after he accused him of leaking his nudes.

He revealed that Harmonized was calling lawyers to pressure them to pursue with the case against him even after they reached a compromise with all the parties involved in the matter including Kajala.

"Siku ulikua unakesha polisi hadi ukapost Insta lemgo nifungwe miaka 30 na huku hishia hapo ulitoa hadi machozi siku Kajala kakubali tuyamalize ulikua unapiga simu hadi kwa mawakili kesi iende fasta. Nikaona wewe ni ms* nilikufuta kwenye list ya wanangu you are f* devil na una roho mbaua kama ulikua hujui," Rayvanny wrote in part.

Genesis of Harmonize/Rayvanny beef

Harmonize and Kajala had a dramatic breakup in April 2021 after dating for a short period.

Konde Boy officially introduced Kajala as his girlfriend to the public in February 2021 and two months later in April, they broke up.

The Bongo singer ruined his relationship with Kajala after he seduced her daughter Paula.

Kajala was forced to dump Harmonize in April 2021 when she caught him sending her daughter his nude photos in a desperate bid to win her.

Harmonize wanted to have an affair with Paula and he tried wooing her with money and photos of his manhood.

The lass showed her mother and her then-boyfriend Rayvanny screenshots of her conversation with Harmonize. Photos of the singer’s private parts which he sent Paula were leaked online sending social media into a frenzy.

Paula, Kajala, Rayvanny and other individuals were later arrested after Harmonize reported them to the police for leaking his nudes.

However, the case didn’t go to court as Harmonize later withdrew charges against the accused.

Kajala blocked Harmonize on all platforms after the incident and for a year they both moved on with their lives until the Bongo singer launched a bid to reconcile and won her back in 2022.

The leakage of Harmonize's nudes also marked the begging of his beef with Rayvanny.

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