Babu Tale: Rayvanny hasn’t paid Ksh50 million to buy out his contract, he’s still signed to Wasafi

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On Tue, 23 Aug, 2022 15:49 | 3 mins read
Babu Tale: Rayvanny hasn't paid Ksh50 million to buy out his contract, he's still signed to Wasafi
Rayvanny and Babu Tale. PHOTO/Babu Tale (@babutale)/Instagram.

Rayvanny is still legally signed to Wasafi even though he announced he had quit Diamond Platnumz's record label on July 12, 2022.

One of Wasafi's top bosses Babu Tale has come to clarify that Rayvanny is only in the process of leaving the label but as it currently stands he is still signed to WCB.

Wasafi top bosses Diamond Platnumz, Babu Tale and Sallam SK Mendez. PHOTO/Babu Tale (@babutale)/Instagram.

Tale, who is a music manager-cum-politician, told Wasafi FM that Vanny Boy is yet to complete the steps needed for him to leave WCB.

The Morogoro South-East MP revealed that Rayvanny has not yet bought the rights to his music from Wasafi - which technically leaves the label in control of all of his songs recorded and produced by WCB.

"Rayvanny amekuja Wasafi akiwa hana uwezo akafanya biashara na Wasafi sasa hivi ana majumba na majumba na anajiweza na amefungua record label yake ambayo ni Next Level. Leo hii anataka kuenda kuendalea biashara yake mwenyewe. Biashara iko wazi ana room ya kubuy out hisa yake kwetu… kununua shares. Ndicho hicho ambacho tunakisubiria kikamilike ananunua shares zake zote kwetu tunamkabidhi," Babu Tale said.

Babu Tale says Rayvanny manages himself

Babu Tale further explained that Wasafi no longer organizes shows for Rayvanny. Under the current agreement, the singer gets his own shows and performs without the involvement of WBC.

However, Tale stressed that Rayvanny is still under Wasafi and that the label reserves all rights to his music - meaning that WCB is still earning revenue from Vanny Boy's songs.

"Kama hivi tunavyomruhusu unavyomuona anafanya show mwenyewe kila kitu mwenyewe… Tunasuburia kila kitu kikikamilika anakwenda kuwa msanii independent. Kwa hio ni vitu ambavyo viko kwenye utaratibu. Rayvanny wakati huu yuko Wasafi hajaenda kusaidiwa amekwenda kufanya biashara.

"Biashara yake imekua anakwenda kuwasaidia wengine. Kumaliza si kama taa pap, kwa sabubu catalogue zote zipo chini ya mikono ya Wasafi mbaka leo. Ukiona Rayvanny anaimba zile catalogue zote za muziki ziko chini ya mikono ya Wasafi," Tale said.

Rayvanny reportedly has a Tsh1 billion/Ksh50 million exit clause on his contract. For him to leave Wasafi he needs to pay WCB the amount to buy out the remainder of his contract for him to be granted full rights to his songs.

Babu Tale is the one who brought Rayvanny to Wasafi in 2016. The singer signed a 10-year contract with Wasafi giving the label 60 per cent of the revenue earned from his music while he remains with 40 per cent.

It was recently reported that Wasafi slapped Rayvanny with a Tsh50 million/Ksh2.5 million fine for performing at the Nandy Festival on July 23, 2022, while negotiations for his exit from WCB were still going on.

In spite of all that is happening, Diamond Platnumz on August 22, 2022, indicated there was no beef between Rayvanny and him when he wished Vanny Boy a happy birthday.

The Wasafi top boss wished Rayvanny a happy birthday in a post on social media.  In his message, Diamond referred to the Next Level Music owner as his young brother for life.

“Chui, young brother Always,” Platnumz captioned a photo he shared via his Insta-stories.

Diamond wishes Rayvanny a happy birthday. PHOTO/Diamond (@diamondplatnumz)/Instagram.