Pritty Vishy struggling to fit in affluent estate after leaving Kibera

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On Thu, 26 May, 2022 13:36 | 2 mins read
Pritty Vishy struggles to fit in affluent estate after leaving Kibera
Pritty Vishy chilling in the middle-class estate where she moved to. PHOTO/Pritty(@prittyvishy)/Instagram

Kibera slums-born Pritty Vishy is struggling to fit in an affluent neighbourhood because of her deeply rooted ghetto background.

The Tiktoker has moved out of Kibera slums for the first time in her life and she is now struggling to cope with life in a middle-class neighbourhood.

Pritty says new hood is too quiet

Speaking to YouTuber Mungai Eve, Pritty Vishy lamented that she finds her new neighbourhood too quiet for her because she was so used to life in the ghetto where the noise was part of a normal life.

Vishy also complained that the new place is sparsely populated, unlike Kibera where she often met people walking in groups.

"Siku ya kuanza kuhamia huku ilikua tricky coz sijazoea environment, nimzeoa pale kuna dunda dunda nimezua pale kuna watu wengi . Huku venye nlikuja nka notice unakutana na mtu mmoja mmoja, wawili kwa barabara. Kibera unakutana na squad hadi unaogopa but I was used to it since nikue mdogo mamangu amelelewa Kibera, mimi nimelelewa Kibera so I was used to it.

(The first days that I shifted here it was so tricky because am not used to this kind of environment. I am used to noise and people. Here I noticed I was only meeting one or two people on the road. In Kibera there were always groups of people on the road, it scared me but I was used to it since I was born and raised in the ghetto. My mother too was raised in Kibera)," she said.

Pritty Vishy hanging out in Kibera slums. PHOTO/Pritty (@prittyvishy)/Instagram

Pritty struck it rich

Pritty Vishy denied claims that she struck it rich and decided to leave Kibera, she stated that she moved out of the ghetto for her own safety.

The Tiktoker explained that most people in the slum thought she was rich because of her newfound fame and this posed a security threat to her as she could have been easily targeted by thugs.

She also revealed that traders were exploiting her because of the misguided notion that she is rich. The controversial content creator said shop owners in the slum hiked prices for her whenever she went to buy items.

"Watu wa mtaa walikua wanajua nko na pesa. So ikafika mahali it was never safe for me. Coz ata nkienda hivi kununu kitu imagine hii kitu najua ni pesa fulani lakini ntapandishiwa you can imagine.

(The people in Kibera thought I was rich. It got to a point where I didn't feel safe anymore. Many times I went to buy something at the shop the owners inflated the prices even when it was obvious the price was standard everywhere)," Pritty Vishy said.

In Kibera, Pritty Vishy used to live in a shack but nonetheless, she was very proud of her house. She used to shoot her Tiktok and Instagram videos from her single-room house in the slum.

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