‘Context of my message was misinterpreted’ – Pastor T clarifies on sleeping with HIV+ women

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On Wed, 15 Nov, 2023 15:33 | 2 mins read
Pastor T. PHOTO/Instagram (@pastortmwangi)

Controversial cleric Anthony Kahura Mwangi alias Pastor T raised eyebrows when he claimed that he exposed himself to the HIV virus and came out unscathed and healthy as a Belgian stallion.

Speaking during a sermon, Pastor T, who ministers at Life Church International, recalled how he engaged in unholy coitus with at least two women who were HIV positive only for him to test negative when he checked his status.

"That Christmas I went to the club kukatokea vita. I remember I was high and drunk. I messed up and slept with a lady. Later we buried that lady with HIV. I dated another lady and the same thing happened again. I was told the lady was dating a sugar daddy and again the man was sick and we buried that man. Later we went for group testing at a VCT and I turned out negative by the grace of God. How the Lord preserved me, I don't know. There is a preservation in your life not because of your works but because of his grace," Pastor T said during his sermon.

Many people poked holes in Pastor T's testimony which was dissected by netizens on social media chatter.

Reacting to the storm sparked by his seemingly science-defying revelation, Pastor T said the context of his message was misinterpreted.

"That was a story that happened while still in high school. I have a problem with bloggers picking certain bits from my teachings just to get views," the preacher said while speaking during an interview with a local news outlet.

"I have children and the context of the message I was delivering was misinterpreted because they just uploaded a small video and not the whole message," he added.

He also stated that his wife was not bothered by what was being spoken on social media in regard to his confession as she already knew about his past.

“She already knows my past, and she understands my story. We decide what to check on social media," Pastor T said.

The preacher underscored the need for responsible reporting, noting that a comprehensive understanding of his messages was needed rather than the sensualized focus on isolated excerpts.

Pastor T is not new to controversies, he has previously clashed with the likes of Karen Nyamu due to his hard-hitting sermons.

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