Michelle Ntalami applauds media for support

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On Wed, 13 Sep, 2023 13:58 | 2 mins read
Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami. PHOTO/Michelle(@michelle.ntalami)/Instagram
Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami. PHOTO/Michelle(@michelle.ntalami)/Instagram

Kenyan entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami expressed her gratitude for the media's focus on not only the negative aspects of public figures' lives but also their successes.

Ntalami took to her Instagram page to share her thoughts on the matter noting that the media has played a pivotal role in society despite negative criticism from public figures.

"I recently shared on my decision to stop alcohol. I was amazed to see that it was received with so much love and positivity, especially from the media! My Mom is an ardent reader of Standard Kenya. She knew about my decision. But when she saw the article, she was elated! She’s the one who brought it to my attention that the media picked it up, something I’d not even anticipated," Ntalami shared.

The Marini Naturals CEO, who is no stranger to the spotlight, took a moment to reflect on the common tendency among public figures to criticize the media for publishing inaccurate or negative stories about them.

She acknowledged the validity of these concerns but also urged her peers to remember the media's positive contributions.

"For those of us in the public eye, we tend to constantly complain and chastise the media for the sometimes incorrect or untrue things they publish about us. While this is totally understandable, we also so easily forget that it is the same media which also publishes positive stories about us when we win or do something positive. It is the same media that also builds us. So why then, do we only choose to focus on the negatives? Food for thought," she asserted.

Ntalami extended her appreciation to the media outlets that had shared her story and helped spread a message of self-improvement.

She emphasized the importance of acknowledging the positive efforts made by the media and how they can bring joy to individuals like her mother.

"Today I want to thank the media tagged on this post, and all other media and blog sites that I may not have seen who also shared my story. Thank you for sharing so widely with such positivity and support. Thank you for spreading the message on self-improvement. To most of you, thank you for also sharing the positives. And lastly, thank you for putting a smile on my Mom’s face," Ntalami wrote.

Ntalami celebrates sobriety

The businesswoman recently shared her personal journey towards living an alcohol-free life, highlighting the positive changes it has brought her.

While Ntalami emphasized that she never struggled with addiction, she made a conscious decision to quit alcohol because she felt it was no longer serving her well.

"I simply felt that it wasn’t serving me anymore. For one, the feeling, places, spaces, and people I’d take it with would most times leave me feeling more empty and drained than happy and fulfilled, especially and ironically, during the tough times of my life. I needed to make space for better things," she went on.

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